France maintains Sahel force to ‘decapitate’ Al-Qaeda groups

"Привычка к упорядоченности мыслей единственная для тебя дорога к счастью; чтобы достигнуть его, необходим порядок во всем остальном, даже в самых безразличных вещах." Эжен Делакруа ©
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President Emmanuel Macron pledged on Tuesday to keep French troops in the Sahel region of western Africa, to help to “decapitate” Al-Qaeda-linked insurgent groups that local governments are struggling to hold back. But while Macron said there would be no “immediate” drawdown of the 5,100-member Barkhane force, he made clear that France expected to have a far lighter presence over time. “Changes that are likely to be significant will be made to our military deployment in the Sahel when the time comes, but they will not be made immediately,” Macron told reporters after a video summit with the le…

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