Fortnite: Clix and Deyy Win NA East January DreamHack Duos — Complete Results

"Единственный способ сделать что-то очень хорошо – любить то, что ты делаешь." Стив Джобс ©

Clix and Deyy slay their way to victory. Seven months ago, DreamHack committed over $1M USD to the competitive Fortnite scene with its Online Open tournament series announcement. Three of the game’s top regions — NA East, NA West and Europe — hosted monthly tournaments with $250K USD up for grabs overall. The Online Open began under the often polarizing solos format and switched to duos in October based on overwhelming player and community feedback. When offline tournaments weren’t possible, the community was thankful for DreamHack, who provided a platform for players to make a name for themse…

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