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Huh, didn’t know. I just knew that it’s technically possible to hack a PS4 pro so it can’t require THAT old of firmware relatively speaking compared to the consoles lifetime.

It’s a little hard to compare to the switch where they shipped the consoles at launch with what ended up being an unpatchable hardware vulnerability that they were supposedly unaware of. Though to be fair it’s not like you can easily obtain an original Switch with that vulnerability still from a store if you don’t already have one. The fact that said vulnerability has basically permanently opened up the Switch to hacks for the foreseeable if not permanent future doesn’t help though for sure.

I think there’s also something to be said for the fact that Nintendo consoles in general have developed so much of a hacking scene ever since the DS and Wii era that there’s just more people actively looking for and finding vulnerabilities and such. Doesn’t help that Nintendo honestly seems really bad at security on their end comparatively to the other console developers. Probably doesn’t help that Nintendo has only ever been a game and console company while Microsoft has decades of experience in the computer industry and Sony just has a massive media empire in general.

Nintendo also seems to get hit pretty hard due to exploits that get found within games themselves that open up console hacks. I’m not sure if this is just bad luck or part of how they allow games access to the consoles in general or what. It could in theory be partially due to how many low budget 3rd party games they end up supporting, particularly through the shop with relatively small indie games. It’s also possible Sony and Microsoft simply have more experience with security in regards to the console vs games where their consoles are really more of just computers running games rather than all of the systems resources being available entirely to the game. I know the Switch (and the 3DS I believe) are more along this line as well but that’s still relatively new for Nintendo while Sony and Microsoft have been doing it longer.

Personally I also think for some people in the hacking and piracy community the fact that Nintendo has been so against them forever just pushes them harder to break every attempt at security Nintendo throws at them.

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