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These fuckers deserve this, i dont care, downvote however much you want but these fucking looters deserve to be arrested and charged

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But these looters were not arrested and charged. Just had cops striking them with sticks like it’s fucking Pakistan or something. 🥱

Where is the fucking Justice? I am sure these looters would prefer this baton strike or 2 while still making off with their loot. Versus actually arresting their thieving asses.

Wonder how his asian wife feels about zuck’s dick sucking of trump?

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There is a likelihood that she approves.

He’s Republican. He’s an imbecile. He’s a company man. But don’t throw his race into it. Find insults on things he does rather than insults on things like race. Bad form.

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Why leave it out when his race has to do with the role he plays for the GOP. People like him are what obviously racist people on the Right point to in order to pretend they aren’t. Even when their words and policies show that they are.

I’m very much on the side of the protestors through all of this

I’m less on their side given they pulled him out of his vehicle, tried to murder him, stole his wallet and looted everything in his cabin.

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Murder? Quit with the exaggeration. Yes, he unfortunately got beaten and his wallet was stolen. But, they had enough time to murder him before the cops arrived. They didn’t, but rather immediately handed him over to the cop once they arrived.

Fuck Susan Collins. She doesn’t care and she’s out in a few months.

I’m not trying to defend American cops here because there are clearly some major large scale system issues going on, but it’s still not comparable to what has happened in Iran. If cops in America start swapping rubber bullets for real bullets and firing on large crowds, then they will be like Iran.

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Actually, you are defending American cops. People like you are why they still behave the way they do. You are replying to someone that just told you that American cops used real bullets on people during the protest by whatabout-ing about Iran using real bullets too. What a fucking shame.

“But we cannot allow the righteous cries and peaceful protests to be drowned out by an angry mob.”

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What has he said about police reforms? What has he said about the Obama reforms he reversed? He is using «angry mob» and «looters» as a cover to chase peaceful protesters out of the streets. We are seeing the videos from DC.

He just said he was going to mobilize military for any city that will not stop.

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And still has not told protesters what he plans to do about police reforms because he is all about the police violence.

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