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"Знания недостаточно, необходимо применение. Желания недостаточно, необходимо действие." Брюс Ли ZMEY
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Visas: EU citizens, Americans, Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders, Malaysians, Singaporeans and most South Americans do not need a visa. Other nationalities should check visa requirements.

Public holidays: New Year’s Day; Twelfthtide (Jan); Good Friday; Easter Monday; Labour Day; Ascension; Whitsuntide (May-June); Midsummer Eve and Day (June); All Saints Observance (31st Oct); All Saints’ Day; Independence Day (6th Dec); Christmas Eve; Christmas; Boxing Day; New Year’s Eve.

Typical food: Potato is the staple food, served with various fish or meat sauces. Some traditional meals also include game. Try snow grouse, reindeer stew, glowfired salmon or raw pickled salmon.

Good reading: Although a children’s book, Tove Jansson’s adventures of the strange Finnish creatures, the Moomins, in the Finn Family Moomintroll, also makes an enchanting read for adults.

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