Evil Geniuses heads to LCS Lock In semifinals to face Team Liquid

"Если вы намеренно собираетесь быть меньшим, чем вы можете быть, я предупреждаю вас, что вы будете несчастным всю оставшуюся жизнь." Абрахам Маслоу ZMEY
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Evil Geniuses has qualified for the semifinals of the LCS Lock In with a solid win against Golden Guardians. After impressing in the LCS Lock In group stage, Evil Geniuses took on Golden Guardians in the quarterfinals where they took a dominant win. In just two games, the revamped Evil Geniuses lineup ran over the young talents from Golden Guardians, albeit after a bumpy game one. Evil Geniuses will advance to the semifinals where they have the chance to qualify for the organization since returning to League of Legends. The first game of the series ran fairly long at 37 minutes, but the game h…

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