Emily Andre found it ‘really challenging’ having a daughter at 24

"Идите уверенно по направлению к мечте. Живите той жизнью, которую вы сами себе придумали." Генри Дэвид Торо ©

Emily Andre found it «really challenging» having a daughter when she was 24. The doctor was in her early 20s when she had her first child with her husband Peter Andre and she admits it was «hard at times» being a young mother as she opened up about the stigma. She shared: «Stacey Solomon says she felt ‘ashamed’ when she fell pregnant at 17 and people would give her ‘looks’. Unfortunately, I think the stigma around being a young mum can still exist, but it’s wrong and nobody should judge you for the age you decide to have children. We need to support young mums. I was 24 when I had Millie, whic…

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