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  • emariasheldon commented on Tell Us Your Favorite LGBTQ Characters Who Were Also Played By LGBTQ Actors

    Jamie Clayton as Nomi in Sense8- a proud trans woman playing another trans woman, who knows her worth and is brave and strong. Easily one of the best performances I’ve seen on TV, never mind the fact that she’s trans!

  • emariasheldon commented on What’s Your Favorite Acting Performance That Wasn’t Nominated For An Oscar?

    John Gallagher Jr’s performance was my personal favourite in Short Term 12- his character could have easily been the boring nice guy, but he put enough into it that you could tell if he had been the lead in the movie, it would have been just as interesting and engaging.

  • emariasheldon commented on What’s Your Favorite Acting Performance That Wasn’t Nominated For An Oscar?

    It was truly incredible watching him embody so many different characters in a matter of seconds- you could just TELL that it wasn’t just one guy putting on voices, it was so much more than that. It was subtle when it needed to be, and even Sam L Jackson commented on how impressive


  • emariasheldon commented on Which Book Series Actually Got Better As The Series Progressed?

    The Percy Jackson series (lighting thief to last Olympian). The books got more mature as they went, and you really got the idea that these were kids fighting a war. There was so much depth and emotion, and with each book, it got more complicated in a good way- more complex, more real.


  • emariasheldon commented on Tell Us About A Time A TV Show *Could* Have Pitted Two Women Against Each Other But Gave Them A Beautiful Friendship Instead

    April and Leslie from parks and rec- polar opposites, and yet their friendship was one of the sweetest things to come out of the show!

  • emariasheldon commented on Do You Know The Names Of These 13 Major Greek Gods And Goddesses?

    Apollo is not the god of messengers and travel, he’s the sun god, and god of the arts. Hermes is the god of travel and messengers.

  • emariasheldon commented on What’s Your Favorite Acting Performance That Wasn’t Nominated For An Oscar?

    It’s just the one scene that stood out (the «lawyer up» scene, AKA the best scene in the movie), but Andrew Garfield was absolutely phenomenal in The Social Network. He was charismatic, believable, and it was such an emotional, raw performance! I remember when I first watched it,


  • emariasheldon commented on What Actor From A Teen Drama Carried The Show On Their Back?

    Dylan O’Brien in Teen Wolf! He played Stiles as relatable and realistic when everyone else sounded a little too scripted. Not to mention that he was equally talented at humour and emotion without going over the top! Plus, Dark Stiles was INCREDIBLE!

  • emariasheldon commented on «Galavant» Deserves Another Season And, As It Turns Out, This Is The Hill I Will Die On

    I have loved this show for so so long! It’s so meta and funny, and the music is amazing (composed by Alan Menken, aka the guy who did The Little Mermaid)

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