Dwyane Wade Dyed His Hair Pink To Match His Daughter Zaya And, Excuse Me, There’s Something In My Eye

"Идите уверенно по направлению к мечте. Живите той жизнью, которую вы сами себе придумали." Генри Дэвид Торо ©

I’ll just say it: Dwyane Wade wins the award for Father of the Year this year.

…to just being an overall awesome dad in general, he takes the trophy.

As if I needed even more evidence that Dwyane is the coolest father on the planet, he posted this 🔥 photo of himself rocking pink hair to match Zaya’s pink hairstyle:

Dwyane must’ve been feeling himself, because he decided to take it one step further and dyed his hair fiery red shortly after:

Over on TikTok, the retired NBA player posted a video of himself and Zaya embracing their new looks, looking completely badass in a fancy pool and car:

Gabrielle Union reposted the TikTok on her Instagram Stories with the caption, «Zaya and Dwyane snapped,» and, yup, I’d have to agree:

Instagram: @gabunion

The confidence a child has when they’re surrounded by love and support. Wow. I love to see it.

Here’s to many more years of the Wades family flourishing out here and showing everyone else what unconditional love really looks like 🥂.

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