Documentary about Khojaly tragedy shown within “Justice for Khojaly” campaign

"Слабые люди всю жизнь стараются быть не хуже других. Сильным во что бы то ни стало нужно стать лучше всех." Борис Акунин ZMEY
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By Laman Ismayilova “The Sign of Khojaly” feature-documentary short film has been shown within the “Justice for Khojaly” international campaign. The film is about an unknown five-year-old girl and her family killed in Khojaly town. She is one of 63 children who were brutally killed on the night from February 25 to February 26, 1992 by the Armenian military. It was impossible to identify this girl. The story of an unknown five-year-old Azerbaijani girl reflects the whole inhuman essence of this bloody act of the Armenian military, which is a crime against all humanity. The short film “The Sign …

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