Device registers a historic Deagle clutch in BLAST Premier Final

"Как только сами поверите, так и реальность поверит. И вот тогда случится чудо." Вадим Зеланд ©
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Nicolai “device” Reedtz is generally known for his daring AWP plays. However, his recent showing at BLAST Premier Global Final proves that he can clutch a win with any weapon he’s handed. Unbeatable throughout the BLAST Premier Global Final, Astralis locked horns with Team Vitality in the upper bracket finals. While fans had expected a tight-knit fight, device’s Deagle clutch was extraordinary. After consecutive round losses, Astralis was dealing with a weak bank. Just one round away from moving to the decider map, the Danes settled for pistols and SMGs. A sloppy push from Astralis showed the …

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