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"Лишь несчастному нужна его правота, счастливый хвататься за неё не будет." Андрей Курпатов ©

There’s this undertone that just assumes that white people are all at least middle or even upper middle class… There’s definitely a subset of rich white people who can do whatever the fuck they want and get off with zero jail time, but there’s also a subset of poor white people that are suppressed and brutalized by the police like black people are.

One notion I take exception to is that it’s the fault of BLM or other black-issues activists that police killings of white people don’t get more attention. Like, they are already fighting an uphill battle against official state powers with far more resources than them and a license to kill (seriously look up how many BLM Ferguson protest leaders have been murdered under mysterious circumstances). White people have more resources and power to protest police killings of white people, they don’t care or choose to support the police. You want justice for Duncan Lemp? You have to take all the steps BLM did… talk to your neighbors, organize the protest. Convince other white people that police brutality is a real issue. Because they aren’t listening to BLM.

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