David Murphy: In a game that shouldn’t have been played, Tyrese Maxey made you not care

"Я не жертва обстоятельств, я - результат моих решений." Стивен Кови ©

PHILADELPHIA — The bosses tell me that I have 800 words to describe what I saw on Saturday afternoon. That’s 799 too many, because all it takes is one. Really? I mean… really? The players couldn’t play. The opponent didn’t think it needed to play. The head coach didn’t want to play. And here all of us are. The players did what they could. The opponent did what it needed to do. The head coach wore his mask so that we couldn’t read his lips. And here we are. In normal circumstances, we’d be talking about a rookie point guard from Kentucky who established once and for all that he isn’t just a dia…

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