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"Я не жертва обстоятельств, я - результат моих решений." Стивен Кови ZM
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  • A Man Shared A Shocking Photo Of What COVID-19 Did To Him After Six Weeks In A Hospital

    «I wanted to show it can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, have preexisting conditions or not. It can affect you.»

  • 新型コロナ感染から6週間。男性が別人のようになった体を公開


  • Is It OK To Go To A Park Or Beach? We Asked Seven Experts.

    Images of people in New York crowding a park and not wearing masks went viral this weekend. Here’s what coronavirus experts say about parks and beach trips.

  • There Was A Pretty Loud Fart Noise During A Joe Biden Livestream

    Politicians, they say, can be full of hot air.

  • Someone Who Attended That Crowded Lake Of The Ozarks Pool Party Has The Coronavirus

    Missouri officials are asking the people who attended the Memorial Day weekend festivities to monitor themselves for potential COVID-19 symptoms.

  • They Grew Up Believing They Were Half Brothers From The Same Sperm Donor. A DNA Test Revealed The Truth.

    With little regulation in the sperm bank industry, stories of mistakes and sloppy record-keeping are growing. It’s blowing up the lives of donor-conceived children.

  • Magician Roy Horn Of Siegfried & Roy Has Died Of The Coronavirus At 75

    Horn was severely injured in an attack by one of his tigers in 2003.

  • Jerry Stiller, Star Of “Seinfeld” And “The King Of Queens,” Has Died At 92

    The legendary comic actor was married for more than half a century to his comedy partner, Anne Meara. They were the parents of actors Ben and Amy Stiller.

  • They Agreed To A Stranger’s Sexual Fantasy Involving A Broom. But They Had The Wrong House.

    A court decision this month in Australia contained some helpful advice: Always double-check you have the right address if you’re going to a stranger’s place for role play.