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"Да умоется кровью тот, кто усомнится в нашем миролюбии." Тертуллиан ZM
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The Rehabilitation of Lost Cities artisan keycaps


During the High-tech War of the world is likely ending, a strange meteorite was in a head-on collision with Earth which everyone later knows as Phaethon Impact. After Giant-Impact, the world order was changed one more time…

SA row 3: 2u (backspace) – 2.25u (enter & left-shift) – 2.75u (right-shift) and cubic profile

GIVEAWAY ENDED, AND THIS IS THE RESULT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfFRKdG2at0

Thank you for joinned, and gook luck next time, love you all.

  • Give me one number 1-999

  • I will roll 3 times by using random.org and choose the 3rd number as the winner (any design you want in this series).

  • The giveaway will end at: 11 PM GMT + 7, 5/31/2020

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