Craig Silverman

"Свобода ничего не стоит, если она не включает в себя свободу ошибаться." Махатма Ганди ZM
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  • We’re Keeping A Running List Of Hoaxes And Misleading Posts About The Nationwide Police Brutality Protests

    As thousands protest the death of George Floyd, BuzzFeed News is debunking the hoaxes and disinformation that have been spreading online.

  • The Information Apocalypse Is Already Here, And Reality Is Losing

    We’ve spent more than three years preparing for an information apocalypse. Why couldn’t we stop it with the coronavirus?

  • These Are The Fake Experts Pushing Pseudoscience And Conspiracy Theories About The Coronavirus Pandemic

    A guide to the spin doctors and conspiracy theorists clogging up your social media feed.

  • Facebook Banned Mask Ads. They’re Still Running.

    Using misleading Facebook pages and deceptive ads, ZestAds sold coronavirus masks at wildly inflated prices.

  • The Emails Promising Coronavirus-Protecting Masks Seemed Too Good To Be True. They Were.

    Roughly a billion emails promoted overpriced face masks with misleading claims. The man selling them says it isn’t his fault.

  • Coronavirus Ad Blocking Is Starving Some News Sites Of Revenue

    New data reveals how a major company’s COVID-19 ad keyword blocking starves the news media during a global pandemic.

  • The Coronavirus Is A Media Extinction Event

    “I think there we will unfortunately see more closures of newspapers, more news deserts as a result of this,” said one publisher.