COVID-19: We must not repeat yesterday’s mistakes

"Обладание всякого рода благами - это еще не все. Получать наслаждение от обладания ими - вот в чем состоит счастье." Пьер Бомарше ©

It appears we are at it again. We seem to be treading the same pernicious path that eventually cost us so much. It was believed in 2020 that had the Nigerian government shut the nation’s airspace to foreign airlines early enough, perhaps, Nigeria could have been saved the invasion of the deadly virus at the time it was discovered in the country. Now, the second wave of the pandemic is here and another variant of the dreaded virus is also feared to be in the country. Yet, the nation’s airspace is once again left open for all manner of travel activities. Many countries are already being categori…

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