COVID-19 one year after: Letting our guards down

"Не опускай руки, ибо рискуешь сделать это за минуту до того, как произойдёт чудо." Амели Нотомб ZMEY
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It is one year of the Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria. It is just like yesterday because events have been so fast-paced that a lot of people are being taken unawares, falling victims albeit unconsciously. A second, more virulent, wave of the Coronavirus pandemic is underway in Nigeria but as a people, we have become too distracted by the vicissitude of a floundering economy to notice. It is now time to bring back some of the measures that helped to keep the deadly pathogen in check. The clearest evidence of a second wave of the virus is that, in the past 14 days, over 5,000 new coronavirus cas…

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