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I’m coming to Vienna in August. However most appartments don’t seem to have A/C … given that temperatures go over 30 degrees even now (June), is A/C really not needed during the night or do people there just have high heat tolerance?

Southern German here (sitting and sweating in the middle of the night…). I assume our climates are virtually the same.

Admittedly, summers can be really hot and humid here, but there are usually only a few nights per year where it’s really hard to fall asleep because it’s too hot. Nobody has AC, it’s just not worth it for those few occasions. Instead, people cope with more showers, opening all windows and doors constantly, lots of gelato, and hanging out by lakes and pools whenever free. If you really can’t bear it, get a cheap fan and that should save you. You will need a heater for much longer periods of time, and every house has excellent heating built-in.

Also note that the closer your apartment is to the rooftop, the hotter it gets.

Nah. You likely won’t find AC in most places but the thing is most buildings are concrete or brick and nice and cool in the summer, unlike wood homes. Plus you can cool off with Eis-Kaffee


Here’s an another opinion I got through Facebook for those with the same query:

It really depends — there are some cheaply built houses which suck both in winter and summer, but, of course, there also houses which can handle both heat and cold pretty well. Unfortunately, it’s really up to that. So, if you want to stay longer in an apartment, schedule a viewing in the late afternoon, then you’ll see how the heat builds up in there. Apartments that only have windows to the east or north, as well as ground-floor apartments, are also naturally more heat-resistant. It’s really a lucky draw here in Vienna.

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