Cost of Living in Timisoara. Prices Updated Dec 2020.

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That’d be great @Mari_travels! We’re on the fence, as it seems like you get a lot more space and comfort in Sofia value-wise, but the beach is always at a premium I guess… what’s the range you’re finding on the site? I’ve been looking exclusively on AirBnB and negotiating down to about 25 euro/night, so curious to see what you’ve found…

Hi @juan and @teofil,

About the internet, I test it out today, and got 24.23 mbps. For my line of work is enough, and I didn’t have any problems with the connection so far.

About the rents, we visited several apartments with a real state agent on Varna and the prices were around 600 – 1000 EU per month for 3 months (for very modern ones, 1 or 2 bedrooms, a bit luxurious even), for short-term and high season. The prices are waaay lower for long term. The real state agent was from this company: [email protected]

Honestly, I didn’t like Varna to live that much though, mostly because I was looking for a more “beach vibe” place, and the beach there was kind of small. But if you prefer big city places, with the bonus of a beach, it is a good option.

We ended up going to the Nesebar-Sunny Beach area, where the beach is long and beautiful. Sadly, my BF had a work-related problem and won’t be able to stay in Bulgaria at all, so we are heading to Constanta/Mamaia tomorrow.

Thank you anyway!

Thanks @Mari_travels and @teofil , we actually ended up finding a good deal in Split and will go there for the few weeks instead. Bulgaria is still high on my list, so if not now, definitely soon.

Any plans to come to Split or Zagreb this summer?

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