Cost of Living in Split. Prices Updated Dec 2020.

"Жизнь такова, какой мы по своему нашему характеру хотим ее видеть. Мы сами придаем ей форму, как улитка своей раковине." Жюль Ренар ©
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I live in Zagreb, coming back home from Thailand on 2. May, because warmer days are coming

Most of the people move to the sea side, mostly between 15. July – 20. August, then the city is usually reserved only for people who are at work, even they tend to run away for the weekends outside of town. And city looks more empty during that time.

During this time there is usually lots of road works, because lots of people are out of town, this is a good time of year to do fixings of the streets.

You will also see a lots of tourists especially Chinese people talking photos of everything including you.

Because there are lots of tourists, more and more each year, there are things to do because our Tourist board is working a lot on promoting Zagreb as a Tourist destination.

You would usually walk around city, visit old part of town, buildings, museums, parks etc.

There are also day tours visiting other tourist attractions outside the city, most popular is Plitvice lakes/waterfalls – must see.

Town Samobor near Zagreb is pretty looking place, good for one day tour.

Most of the nightlife is located in city centre. Tkaličićeva or locals say (Tkalča, eng ~ Tkalcha) is the most popular street full of bars, and around main square, eg: Cvjetni Trg.

Sadly not so many things are open after midnight, and there are not lots of places where you can go after if you would like to party. Busiest hours are 6pm – 10pm.

It’s just because all of the people move to the see side, all the nightlife is moved there so most of the clubs are closed.

Good thing is that you are 2-3 hours away from the sea side with bus/car.

If you traveling, try to avoid Fri – Sat, 3 hours become 6, because on weekends most of tourists are traveling home/coming for vacation.

Not likely you can travel with airplane, you can probably go to Split, Pula, Zadar or Dubrovnik only, not so many plane connections.

Things slowely start to get busy after 20. August, when most of the people are coming back, then the nightlife returns back to Zagreb too.

September is usually good month to visit because temperatures are high, around 25 – 30, depends on the year, and there are things happening, people are hanging outside, on Gornji Grad (uptown) there is street festival each evening with live music called Gričevanje, clubs are open with various things to choose.

Internet is good, you can choose either Vipnet, T-HT (T-com actually) or Tele2.

Bonbon (owner is T-HT)

If you are in Zagreb reception is usually great, and I personally use only 3G, because it’s enough for me. Not sure, but most of them don’t offer 4G for prepaid plans. Maybe there are some tourist promotions which i’m not familiar with, but it changes every year so it’s still early for me to say which one would be ok.

Anyway, best reception where ever you go you should have with Vipnet, T-HT and Bonbon (they use T-HT infrastructure)

For the land line, internet speed is 5Mpbs+, usually everyone has just the lowest speed with flat rate internet, this again depends on where you stay. But the connection is stable.

Coworking spaces:

  • (founded by T-HT)

Cost of living is cheap, just to compare here are some prices:

  • Coke ~ 1.7Eur
  • Beer ~ 2Eur
  • Water in store 0,5 ~ 0.6Eur
  • McDonalds Big Mac menu ~ 4Eur
  • Meal in restaurant + drink ~ 6-7Eur +
  • Cheesburger + Fries ~ 5Eur
  • Ham-cheese sandwich ~ 2-3 Eur
  • Lots of bakeries with anything 1-3Eur

The city and the centre is actually not that big, you can stay anywhere in around 3-4 stations with Tram, it’s only like up to 15-20 minutes walk anywhere you go.

So it’s not important to stay in the main square circle, just to have a Tram station near, then you will be fine.

After 1pm Tram are driving only every 1 hour and it’s difficult to get anywhere without Taxi.

Just ask for the Taximeter, 10Eur should get you anywhere, and just pay what you see on Taxi-meter no more.

I never had problem because I’m local, but taxi drivers same like everywhere, they want to rip you off.

And always say that you are meeting a friend which is from Zagreb, and you are not first time here, it’s what I do where ever I am.

Hope this helps.

If you would have any questions feel free to ping me.


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