Cost of Living in Rome. Prices Updated Dec 2020.

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i am italian and i lived in france remotely for 3 years.

with my former girlfriend i have been to almost any region, each one may cater for your specific needs.

since you are talking about mountains the Alps of Savoie come to mind.

Here is a “major breakdown’ of all places i stayed.

Its pretty comprehensive and hopefully helpful.








Nice in Cote D’Azur : 14-15 months

Anglet in Pays Basque : 2 months

Crozon in Finistere / Bretagne : 3-4 months

Aigremont Gard – Languedoc Roussillon : 1-2 month

Puymaurin in Auch / Haute Garonne : 3 months

Aigueblanche in Savoie : 1 month

Joncelet in Herault : 6 months

Lattes in Cantal – Auvergne : 1 1/2 month (paid 6)

Short Visits:

Les Vans / Ardeche

Saint Tropes

Sainte Maxime



Aix les Thermes

St. Girons

Place we liked most:


Weather, Sea, Light, Commodities, Food, Position of Apartment, Few Social Connection, Feeling that we are locals, Promenade, Easy to go around, Restaurants, Elegance, Airport, People like to come visit us, Close to Italy, Sunny Balcony


City Life, Terrorism, Criminality, Prostitution, Crowded, Noise, Bus, Expensive, Traffic, No garden.

  1. Ardeche

Weather , People , Nature , Houses, Climate , Food

CONS: Commodities

  1. Pays Basque

PROS: Food, People, Service, Safety, Nature, Tradition.

CONS: Weather, Prices

  1. Crozon

PROS: People, Remoteness, Light, Tranquillity, Oysters, Coast

CONS: Travelling, Connection to Flights

  1. Aigueblanche

PROS: Mountain Air, People, Villages, Tradition, Savoie, Food, Antique, Local Food.

CONS: Asphalt, Locked Feeling

  1. Puymaurin

PROS: Space, Calmness, Campaing, Piscine, Eating Outside, Big Trees, Sky, Walks

CONS: Nothing Around, Low-level, Organic almost impossible, Fast & Dagnerous Drivers, Close to the Road,

  1. Aigremont

PROS: Flowers in the Garden, Ecosystem, 3000 m2, Countryside, Driving to Restaurant, Calmnness, Wine, Sun, Making Breakfast in the Sun, BBQ

CONS: House was not the nicest, Kitchen, Arrangments,

  1. Joncelet

PROS: Eco House, Design, Calmness, Loneliness, Cumbia the Doggy, Stars, Sky, Food, Wine, Spring Water, Automatic Heating, Shape of Living Room,

CONS: Small, No Natural Heating, Shower to Small, Kitchen Smallish, Small Fridge, Sofa was cold. Too remote, to much driving for shopping, Town nearby not appealing, No Friends, no socialising.

  1. Lattes / Aurillac

PROS: House, Calmness, View, Mixture between Wood & Stone, Each one has a room, Light, Spacious, Neighbours friendly, Space outside, Stove where you can cook pizza, Comfy but simple, Trees & Sky,

CONS: Isolated for Int’l Travel, Bit locked, Cows * Agriculture * Farming,

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