Cost of Living in Prague. Prices Updated Dec 2020.

"Либо напиши что-нибудь стоящее, либо делай что-нибудь, о чем стоит написать." Бенджамин Франклин ©
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Prague ranks very high on nomadlist, but I haven’t met many nomads who spent some time there. I’m working on some pieces for Czech press and I’d like to include some of your thoughts. Can you help me a bit? Why did you chose the city? Did you like living and working in Prague? Why? What do you think would help you to enjoy it more? Were there some major problems? What was your favourite spot to work from? Did you meet some other nomads?

Been hearing a lot of good things about being a digital nomad in Prague. Thought that it’s a bit pricey in there but my friend say otherwise. Gotta be my next destination in two years’ time, fingers crossed!

Why did you chose the city?

I’ve been here as a tourist a handful of times for <week and enjoyed it a lot. I wanted to see what it would be like to stay for a longer period of time (currently staying for ~1 month).

Did you like living and working in Prague? Why?

It’s still early, but I came for a week in September to scout out if I could find a coworking space that had a nice environment to be productive in. I ended up liking Locus (Vinohrady) and am back working here for the month. So far, so good. Weather could be a bit nicer, but I suppose that goes with the time of year and isn’t really a surprise. As for why Prague? Why not? It’s fairly inexpensive compared to much of western Europe. It’s fairly walkable city in the center and gorgeous. It has enough night life, bars, restaurants to be interesting after work.

What do you think would help you to enjoy it more?

Not really sure what the startup/tech scene is like here yet. Would love an easy way to tap into that world.

Were there some major problems?

Not yet. Let’s hope it stays that way.

What was your favourite spot to work from?

I’m working from Locus coworking space and enjoy it.

Did you meet some other nomads?

I met a few at Locus which wasn’t planned at all, but it’s a small world. Going to meet some more tonight as well in the center.

I’m currently working remotely out of Prague right now, about midway through of being here for 2 months.

Coming here was a factor of never being here before, being told it was an amazing city (from both friends, nomadlist, and other communities) and an affordable cost of living. It is an incredibly beautiful city with lots of great sights and views to explore. Staying outside of the tourist center in Prague 7, which I’m very thankful for. Much quieter yet still extremely convenient due to the excellent transit system. I’m also just a block away from my coworking place, Paper Hub.

Everything has been wonderful, my only complaint is that it has gotten quite chilly recently. And we were unprepared for that swing. I feel like it has been a great place to focus and get some work done. Lots to see, and have really enjoyed just doing it in small pieces instead of all at once.

I can’t wait for those segways to be banned though!

Thanks a lot!

And you’re right with the stupid segways. I haven’t been to the old town for more than two years, but I went there last month, and it’s really dangerous

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