Cost of Living in Porto. Prices Updated Dec 2020.

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Better than Lisbon, much more cozy and welcoming. You can find cheaper places in the “other side of the bridge”, in the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia. Public transports works and is pretty convenient, most part of the city is covered by tram stations. Beaches are freezing cold but nice for a running. Don’t miss the daily sunsets in the garden nearby the bridge, eating pastel de nata and drinking a bottle of Porto Wine. But please, don’t clap your hands to the sun — only Brazilian tourists do that haha

5 months ago

Porto is simply amazing! Really good food, easy atmosphere, nice people, affordable, and great to do some work as well! The amazing history this place has adds to the total, including it being easy to travel south to Coimbra and Lisbon.

11 months ago

Spent 3 years living in Porto, must say it’s maybe the best city I’ve lived in so far. Its super hospitable people, delicious food, good English speaking and well educated population, entrepreneurship opportunities and cheap (comparing to Lisbon) cost of living make a combination that is quite hard to beat in Europe.

1 year ago

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Hello, everyone!

My idea is to stay as low as 6 months and as long as a year (maybe, who knows) over Lisbon after doing some analysis from many cities in Europe.

I’m an Argentinian and Chilean (both nationalities) so… no Euro-pass for me (getting my Italian nationality could take 2 years easily). I’m also a remote worker and I have a really good income (I work for a Silicon Valley company) so I can show more than enough resources to stay in the country.

Everything I see online doesn’t inspire me much confidence (most sites looks a bit scammy) and this is not a “vacation stay”… I want to be clear my head far away from Argentina right now. If someone has a good website, recommendations, etc I will super appreciate.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure really. There’s “Nomad Capitalist” but I’ve heard mixed reviews.

If you intend on staying in Portugal, my recommendation would be to research about their Golden Visa as well as their Non Habitual Residency program. It’s well-known within the nomad community.

Checkout the “digitalnomad” subreddit as well.

Good luck!

How did you go with finding someone? I’m looking for a lawyer/migration agent to handle this process.

There are several active Facebook groups. Simply searching the groups for the term NHR can get you a lot of helpful results.

One of the groups for instance is called Porto Internationals. A few hours after joining you get approved and can search. If you don’t find what you are looking for you can always ask.

I worked with folks from a company called moviinn. Migration agents with reasonable rates, and they give you a free consultation first so you can ask questions & find out what the best route is for you. They can handle the whole legal process for you too.

Hi there, title says it all. Canadian nomad hoping to find the city/town in Portugal with great, consistent surfing, a solid coworking spot, and a fun group of young nomads. Please recommend!

I recommend Madeira (the main town being Funchal). It’s open for visitors in spite of the pandemic, with the requirement that they either submit evidence of a recent negative test or else take a free test on arrival (with quarantine for 12 hours tops while they check the result). It’s still warm here, and I have found that there are quite a few nomads around (not necessarily members of this site). There is stunning hiking everywhere, and very good Internet. English is very widely spoken, though there are also plenty of opportunities for those who might like to learn Portuguese.

Here you go:

Lisbon and Porto match! There might be a few smaller ones not listed on NL, but they also won’t have many nomads

Thanks! Definitely used your search tool before, it’s great. Well done on the site as a whole, really unique tools you’ve built. Surprised to hear that smaller places like Ericeira and Alentejo won’t have much of a nomad community.

Ericeira has a lot of permanent residents who work remotely and a few nomads passing through. Summer is more touristy and winter is quieter but with more serious waves. Was there last autumn for 6 weeks and had a great time. Think it’ll only grow and grow – loads of coworking and coliving opening up

Added Ericeira now to Nomad List, will take a few days for the robots to collect all the data and you’ll see it show up 🙂

Rad! Would you recommend any particular neighborhoods / cafes? Also considering surf school… 🌊

it’s only a small place so there’s not loads of neighbourhoods – you’re kind of in the centre or not! best food was in very local style restaurants I thought – follow the Portuguese old boys! Adega pub is where everyone seems to go in the evening

I stayed at (they are chilled, great people) which is in Ribamar, 5-10 minutes up the coast from Ericeira. Their friend David has opened a more formal co-living place here – You can borrow surf gear at Vila dos Irmaos and David was a surf instructor. I don’t know much about other options but there are plenty in town.

One of the big surf shops in a massive modern building has a cafe which is good to work from. You can also work in more local cafes sometimes which are quieter than ones in town. I’d usually surf at Ribeira and there’s a big cafe/bar there which also accepts workers

Shout me if you go!

For sure, & thanks so much for the fantastic recs – I didn’t realize there was so much co-living happening there. Will check it all out! 😸

Thanks dude! They might have though but not enough for it to be properly tracked on here (e.g. not members checked in there as much). If there’s a significant nomad community it’ll start showing up here

champion – was actually looking into going back there the other day!

Hi everyone,

I am going to move to Lisbon in July and I was wondering where you guys work from? Do you have any recommendations for working on a budget? Any good cafès or cheap coworking spaces?

I did some research and found some coworking spaces for > ~ 100€ p. month which is pretty reasonable but too much for me right now.


I used “getcroissant” whilst I was in Lisbon. You basically choose a number of coworking hours per month and are then free to choose any of the partnering co-working spaces. I recommend Heden, Selina and Outsite.

There are also plenty of wonderful cafes to work from. Several Copenhagen Coffee Labs, Heim, The Mill…

I’m preparing my Portuguese D7 long-term visa application and one of the required documents is proof of travel insurance with medical coverage. However, as an Australian citizen, if put that as my country of residence in many travel insurance companies’ quick quote forms, I’m unable to get ANY insurance coverage at all because of the current travel ban out of Australia, and the Australian govt’s ‘Do Not Travel’ advice to ALL countries. I know that Aussies are applying for, and successfully getting visas from the Portuguese Consulate here, so where and how are they fulfilling this insurance requirement if insurers aren’t selling any coverage? Does anybody know or have any ideas?

I ended up going with SwissCare’s “International Schengen visa insurance” which seems to cover all the requirements for Portugal’s residency visa, and doesn’t exclude Australians or have restrictions based on home country travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Let’s see if the Portuguese Consulate actually accepts it.

You can get private travel medical insurance from, they’re a sponsor of this site too

I’ll second Safetywing, also you can check out, a bit more expensive but they have item theft (including electronics) coverage as well as a more extensive “activities” coverage. I’m not sure about their current country policies but both websites allow you to very quickly and easily put your department to/from locations and travel dates and give you an immediate quote/availability of coverage.

Unfortunately World Nomads was one that explicitly says ‘no Coverage’ for Australian residents if you get a quote or try to buy a policy, due to the travel ban.

Ah, I see. Sorry about that, but it looks like you did find a potential solution. I hope it works out for you!

✅ Very safe

✅ Fast internet

✅ Good air quality on average

✅ Nomad List members liked going here

✅ Many Nomad List members have been

✅ Spacious and not crowded

✅ Very easy to make friends

✅ Very easy to do business

✅ High quality of education

✅ Great hospitals

✅ Roads are very safe

✅ Great freedom of speech

✅ Democratic

✅ Everyone speaks English

✅ Very safe for women

✅ Family friendly

✅ Very friendly to LGBTQ+

❌ Gets cold in the winter

❌ Humid now

❌ Not many members right now

❌ Many people smoke tobacco

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