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Hi I’m Japanese<>English Translator/Blogger currently lives in Leipzig,Germany.

I was wondering if any of you know any websites/services for refugees and immigrants that support them to be a Digital Nomad? Like, seminars, courses, lectures, guides, e-book in their language (Arabic,Albanian,Serbian,Kurdish,Pashto,Dari, etc…)?

I know some platforms for refugees to find a job online, but these jobs are not mainly location free works. I’m wondering how realistic it is for refugees to work remotely? I am thinking to list up the Upwork type of online job platforms on my blog, and accordingly do some seminars ; how to get jobs, how to monetize your blog and so on…

I’m asking this because lots of refugees I meet here are all complaining how hard for them to get a physical job in Germany, especially my area Leipzig has less job opportunities in general. (Thus, cost of living is amazing for DN like me.) So, I think going DN could be a good solution for them. What do you think?

Hey! Great idea if you can pull it off I know there are several projects in Berlin to teach refugees how to code and ship products (you might remember this headline?).

I forgot the names, but a quick google search revealed this article about the movement.

Good luck!

I don’t have any resources to offer, but perhaps look into basic coding courses in those languages? I’m a writer who also does some basic code work and I’ve always thought coding to be the simplest entry point for remote/gig work. Even just building basic WordPress websites, editing HTML and CSS, etc. often pays very well and many many companies don’t care where employees are based.

Good luck.

Thank you for your reply! Yes, that is really good idea. I’ve never seen the coding courses offered in one of those languages in Leipzig, but maybe I can help to build the community.

I’m also learning basic coding right now, and I can already feel that it’s going to help me financially when I’m able to do more things. Thanks for the inspirations!

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