Cost of Living in Moscow. Prices Updated Dec 2020.

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I’m from Moscow though do not live there at the moment.

Actually it’s a good city to live in if you enjoy big cities. Lots of activities (including lots of free ones), huge parks, very walkable, great public transportation, groceries are cheap, people are nice but seem cold because of their mentality. You can go to Moscow region by commuter train to enjoy the countryside or swim. Safety is underrated. Moscow is very safe, it’s totally ok to walk at night, I had nothing stolen in 7 years of my living there as a student. Much safer than in Southern Europe I would say. Wifi speeds are skyrocketing and you can pay with card nearly everywhere. Yandex is a leading taxi hailing app (that bought Uber Russia).

On the other hand it’s a giant city with 14 millions inhabitants, 4 airports (please don’t use ZIA), 9 railway stations, so it can be quite a mess. No good food. Air quality is very low, returning from any other place I could literally smell the air. And winters (Nov – Mar) are grey and boring, snow is melting and freezing again, everything around is filthy, very depressing, that’s why so many Russians who work remotely leave the country and spend winter somewhere in Southern Asia. Airbnbs are super expensive compared to local long-term rent boards like Avito. There you can also find options for several months but if you don’t speak Russian you would need a local friend. The rent is expensive compared to St Petersburg and other Russian cities. Older people don’t speak English.

3 months ago

Moscow is incredible for digital nomads. Lots of coworkings, including WeWork, plenty of bars, and restaurants. Nightlife is awesome – from usual nightclubs to techno spots etc. It is much more safe to there than in other European capitals (London, Berlin, Paris). You only need to be careful with illegal things like cannabis and other drugs because of zero tolerance. People are great, and girls especially.

People look unfriendly because they are not smiling to everyone, but it is just because of mentality.

1 year ago

Privet! I think Moscow is much cheaper then on scores and internet is much faster and if you spend summer time there then it is an amazing place!

1 year ago

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I have two passports from different countries and am trying to understand where can I travel now. Is there a publicly available map of countries open for visitors by passport country that I can use to see what are my options? I was pretty sure such a thing should exist, but cannot easily find any.

Maybe at least there’re maps for specific passports? Mine are Russian and American.

If there’s no such thing, I’d be down to build one, let me know if interested to collaborate 🙂

I understand that you are not EU, but this exists for EU (search for Re-open EU on Google)

I don’t think that the problem is building it; it’s updating and maintaining it as laws could change day by day. For example a while ago Germany restricted entry from certain provinces of the Netherlands, but not the entire country. So if you had a website you would have had to update that, not for the whole country, but for some regions.

Check this one too (search on Google for skyscanner covid restrictions)

Oh, this looks like what I was looking for:

Not sure if this is by passport or country of departure though, likely the latter.

Thanks Amin. Agree this would take effort to maintain. But given good data sources, shouldn’t be very hard, just labor intensive.

Province-level details make it more complicated though 🙁

Oh, this is great, thanks! I wish they’d have a map to show countries by your passport.

So far I found a map on Kayak (/travel-restrictions) but it doesn’t allow to pick my passport country, I think, so is pretty useless.

I am an English/American currently in Israel, and heading in a week to Georgia/Armenia for two weeks and then want to head to Russia for a week.

As I am only in Israel for another week, would it be possible to apply for the visa in Israel and ask to receive it in Armenia (my last stop before I want to go to Russia)?

Or perhaps there is another better option that I have available?

I can’t speak for Israel but I was in Bangkok once at the Russian consulate and they said 5 days turn around time. I said I needed my passport to fly back to phuket and can’t wait that long and the manager said for 20$ he will do express next day. Probably best to check with the consulate you intend on going, and give it a try in person too.

✅ Affordable to live

✅ Fast internet

✅ Lots of fun stuff to do

✅ Good air quality today

✅ Nomad List members liked going here

✅ Many Nomad List members here all year round

✅ Very easy to do business

✅ High quality of education

✅ Great hospitals

✅ People can speak basic English

✅ Safe for women

❌ Not very safe

❌ Cold now

❌ Gets very cold in the winter

❌ Very humid now

❌ Feels crowded

❌ Difficult to make friends

❌ Roads can be dangerous

❌ Freedom of speech is weak

❌ Not very democratic

❌ Not family friendly

❌ Hostile towards LGBTQ+

❌ People smoking tobacco a lot

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