Cost of Living in Guatemala City. Prices Updated Dec 2020.

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Has anyone been to Antigua, Guatemala recently? It is on my list for destinations to stay for a week or so. Wanted to know if anyone has had an experience there recently or could point out a cafe or two to find a decent Wi-Fi connection.


There’s definitely fairly decent internet to be found in Antigua. It can vary from 4Mbps for a home connection to 20Mbps in cafes and coworking spaces. More info here:

The Bagel Barn had probably the best wifi of any cafe in town when I was there in late 2015. Touristy as can be (which, most of Antigua is), but good food and coffee.

Y Tu Piña Tambien is a good spot to work, with decent wifi. Rainbow Cafe was decent as well.

Otherwise, it was pretty hit and miss for me.

Good suggestions. Thanks!

Thanks for asking this @clusk – it’s of interest to me too as I’m heading there towards the end of the year.

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