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"Если вы намеренно собираетесь быть меньшим, чем вы можете быть, я предупреждаю вас, что вы будете несчастным всю оставшуюся жизнь." Абрахам Маслоу ZMEY
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Just spent a few weeks in Morrocco and was there before as well, but mostly in the southern part and the Atlas so I cant say about the places/cities in the north.

Mobile Internet: I picked up INWI SIM card for free at the airport. In cities usually 3G, although a bit slow sometimes but ok for work. Skype etc was working just fine, no restrictions also via hotspot. On the country side internet is very slow however.

Last time I was there I also had Maroc telecom, I remembere they had a bit better coverage.

Price-wise Data is quite cheap.

Must Do:

-rent a car and go road tripping in the desert and the mountains. It is spectacular. A popular route is from Marrakech to ouarzazate (via telouete and Ait ben Haddou). If you feel adventurous go further down to Mhamid. There is a quite some road construction going on and sometimes its dust roads, but we did it all in a Dacia Logan. You usally can rent a car and bring it back to another place for a small fee. Price is usually around 15-25 euro per day.

-Check things or even stay outside of the medina. Marrakech Guelize for example is a great place.

  • Kite in Essaouira, Surf in Imsouane


Essaouira — there are great aibnbs appartments outside the Medina (taxi is always 7 dirham). quite a few expats, mostly french retirees. Small city, but lots to do after or between work… You can easily spend one or two months there. Weather is great with a constant fresh breeze.

Marrakech Guelize — Modern city life, young people, girls in skirts and boys with good manners. Very chilled out, especially in comparison to the Medina. A lot of good eating places (hit me up for tipps!). could be great for a few weeks, but it gets quite hot in summer.

Ait Ben Hadou, Zagora, Mhamid, Tafraout — Adventourous places but not for a workation, unless you dont need intnet. lots of inspirationthough. Although I was quite intriged by Zagora, and interested in spending some time there.


Tagazout was always on the list for digital nomads and sufers, however recently I heard quite a few times now, that the water there is quite dirty and people gettig sick (EColi). Apparently too many tourist and lacking sewage system. Last time I went there I did not surf, so this is just what I heard from friends.

Enjoy Marrocco!

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