Cost of Living in Austin, TX. Prices Updated Dec 2020.

"Ваше сознание – мелкий безбилетник на трансатлантическом лайнере, который ставит эту поездку себе в заслугу и не обращает внимания на все громоздкие машины под ногами." Дэвид Иглмен ©

Sign up for Nomad House: Project Austin

Hey Nomads!

So Nomad House: Project Austin is coming together. We found a better house with a better location and living arrangement, and we are just looking for one more digital nomad to join our little experiment from Feb. 1st- Mar. 1st.

Living options:

$900: Private Room

$700: Shared room

The house is at S. Park Dr. and Powell Court in Austin Texas.

To give you an idea of the awesome people you’d be living with, the residence so far are:

@tikhon — Hailing from San Fran (for now!), seasoned developer, specializing in dev/ops, sysadmin and the non-tech side of the startup world such as Fundraising/recruiting/sales. You may be be familiar with the 2 successful start-ups that he co-founded — Scribd + Parse. Avid rock climber, photographer and looking to make another awesome project this time free from VC’s overlord control! Rockin!

@maxholzheu — Hailing from Guatemala, alum of Build Campus in SF. Committed to paving a courageous path to freedom using technology. His life philosophies are *stop planning, start moving *never stop learning. Currently kicking ass as a web developer for Junto Studio, with remote work privileges.

Grayson — Has yet to fork over the $15 to join the #nomad group. But luckily he’s a good friend of mine. We met working at a company is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia called Mindvalley (you may have heard of it). When he’s not helping artist promote themselves with his startup Mumora, he’s either eating street cooked grub in a hole in the wall in South East Asia, blogging about marketing or just being a tall shaggy good dude!

Me — I’m Brandon, you can check out some of the crazy stuff I’ve done in the past: like the time I biked from German to India, or the time I became a Thai commerical star! Life is random, I know! Currently working for a startup called Bucketfeet, that makes cool sneakers using designs submitted by artists from all over the world! I convinced them to let me move to Austin and work remote, so let the adventures begin. I also like salsa dancing, personal development books, maps and anything with 2 wheels!

You — Can’t wait to see who are 5th nomad will be!

If you want to be apart of something great, sign up below and let’s build a world free of year leases, boring roommates and coffeeshop refugees.

Sign up for Nomad House: Project Austin


Hey, are you guys still running a “no lease” digital nomad apartment? I’m interested in knowing more. Digital nomad based out of ATX: [email protected]

I would love to do this, but that timeframe doesn’t coincide with my schedule. Do you have any Nomad House plans for the summer?

This is awesome! Have fun in Austin. I’ll be there at the end of February for a company meetup. I’d love to meet you all.

Sure thing! Hit us up whenever you’re around!

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