Claudia Koerner

"Если за последние несколько лет вы не отказались от какого-нибудь из своих основных убеждений или не обрели новое, проверьте свой пульс. Возможно, вы мертвы." Джелетт Берджесс ZM
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  • People Are Taking To The Streets To Protest Police Brutality Amid Trump’s Threat To Unleash The Military

    Police attacked protesters in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, while Trump threatened to unleash the military on demonstrators against systematic inequality.

  • NYPD Officers Drove Through A Crowd Of Protesters, And New York’s Mayor Is Under Fire For Calling It A “Tough Decision”

    «That is not peaceful protest. Let’s not kid ourselves,» Mayor Bill de Blasio said as he promised a full investigation.

  • A Man Was Arrested After Allegedly Forcing A Teen To Drive Him Past A Coronavirus Checkpoint

    After failing to get through a Florida Keys checkpoint himself, Alexander Sardinas allegedly threatened to hurt a teen driver if she did not take him through.

  • E o filho do Trump disse que as quarentenas contra o coronavírus servem para impedir a campanha do pai

    «Depois do dia 3 de novembro, o coronavírus de repente desaparecerá magicamente e todo mundo poderá reabrir», disse Eric Trump.

  • Eric Trump Said Coronavirus Shutdowns Are Part Of A Plot To Prevent Trump Campaign Rallies

    «After Nov. 3, coronavirus will magically all of a sudden go away and disappear and everybody will be able to reopen,» Eric Trump said.

  • Anthony Fauci And Other Coronavirus Task Force Members Will Quarantine After White House Staffers Tested Positive

    Three top US health officials are taking precautions after having contact with someone at the White House who tested positive for COVID-19.

  • A City Walked Back Its Face Mask Rule After Store And Restaurant Employees Received Threats

    «We now have to weigh the safety of store owners and employees to threats of violence,» said the city manager of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

  • Serial Killer Lonnie Franklin, Known As The Grim Sleeper, Has Died In Prison

    Franklin was sentenced to death in 2016 for the murders of at least 10 women in a killing spree that went undetected for years.

  • Millions Of People Will Get Sick And The US Is On Track For 100,000 Deaths Because Of The Coronavirus, Fauci Said

    «We got a serious problem in New York, we have a serious problem in New Orleans, and we’re going to be developing serious problems in other areas.»