Chloe Madeley’s puppy takes up ‘broody space’

"Лишь несчастному нужна его правота, счастливый хвататься за неё не будет." Андрей Курпатов ZMEY
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Chloe Madeley’s puppy has taken up her “broody” space. The 33-year-old fitness trainer admitted she had been thinking about starting a family with husband James Haskill but the urge has faded since they welcomed their dog Bert into their home. Asked if they are thinking of starting a family, she told OK! magazine: “No, I was starting to get broody and then we got him and he’s filled up all my broody space.” However, Chloe suggested she and James are not using contraception and she’d be happy if she fell pregnant. She added: “We’re not not trying but we’re also not trying. “There is absolutely …

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