Chicago teachers call plan to withhold pay if they don’t show up for in-person classes Monday ‘heartless’

"Вопрос не в том, кто мне разрешит, а в том, кто сможет мне запретить." Айн Рэнд ©

CHICAGO – Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Chicago Public Schools will move forward with plans to reopen schools on Monday, despite ongoing objections by the teachers union and a large group of aldermen. Further, CPS CEO Janice Jackson said staff members who don’t show up — as about half failed to do this week — will be deemed absent without leave “and ineligible for pay going forward.” “This is not a measure we take lightly,” Jackson added. Members of the Chicago Teachers Union took issue with assertions that schools are adequately equipped and ready to open, with one calling Jackson’s comments abou…

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