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What did Best Buy ever do to them?

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best buy is a part of a system that benefits greatly from slave labor. that being said, these looters all looked like high school kids to me. There not destroying to bring down a system, they’re doing it for the free loot. I don’t agree that.

Don’t steal and you won’t get hit Tyrone.

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yea we all know white people would never steal anything…..

Agreed. It can be a pain to do with fewer than 5 people, but definitely possible. My wife and I did one by ourselves last night and still had all robots survive

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I was doing public one. Then hopping to private, even with my lower level character it was still pretty easy to solo.

Aiming with a controller is shit though

And driving with a mouse/keyboard is equally shit.

I would rather use a controller and play with that and use auto-aim so i dont have to switch back and forth.

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driving with K&M is just fine once you get used to it. Rockstar does a great job of making driving feel good on a keyboard.

Why? I don’t rp but can see why people like it. Wish gtao had more rp elements.

My Gattling Plasma does something like 37 on a headshot… but I’m also pumping out a constant stream of shots for over a minute. That adds up fast

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My mutants handmade does 50 to the wings when crouched.

If I do that event in a public lobby I don’t expect to get a 3.

He insulted me 3 times yesterday.

That’s impossible. Games will only get bigger as graphics and resolution get better and better. Call of duty modern warfare is somewhere around 130gigs. Red dead 2 is 110gigs, elder scrolls online is 100 something.

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