CES 2021: Meet Razer’s surprising high-tech face mask

"Наилучший порядок вещей — тот, при котором мне предназначено быть, и к чёрту лучший из миров, если меня в нём нет!" Дени Дидро ©

The American manufacturer Razer, which specializes in gaming hardware and accessories, has showcased a surprising high-tech face mask that filters the surrounding air. Presented at this year’s CES, «Project Hazel» stands apart with its futuristic look, built-in microphones and integrated lighting effects. This face mask has an adjustable fit, with a silicon guard around the nose and chin to help keep it sealed. The wearer’s face is visible, and there are two ventilation zones — positioned either side of the mouth — to filter the air. According to Razer, this mask, which is currently a protot…

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