Cars stranded, trains affected by continued heavy snow across Japan

"Всякая человеческая голова подобна желудку: одна переваривает входящую в оную пищу, а другая от нее засоряется." Козьма Прутков ©

Vehicles were stranded and train services affected Saturday as heavy snow continued over parts of Japan, with the weather agency warning of further traffic disruption from slippery roads due to more snowfall through the weekend. About 80 cars were stranded on the Noetsu Expressway in Toyama Prefecture, central Japan, with a section temporarily closed, transport authorities said. Separately, about 80 vehicles were also stuck temporarily on the Hokuriku Expressway in neighboring Niigata Prefecture. Heavy snowfall was mainly seen in areas facing the Sea of Japan, registering a record high in some…

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