Caroline Haskins

"Никогда не позволяйте морали удерживать вас от правильных поступков." Айзек Азимов ZM
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  • Despite Curfews, Uber Eats And Other Food Delivery Apps Will Continue Sending Drivers Out In The Streets

    About 40 cities in the US have instituted curfews. Food delivery workers will still be on the hook for deliveries.

  • People Are Taking To The Streets To Protest Police Brutality Amid Trump’s Threat To Unleash The Military

    Police attacked protesters in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, while Trump threatened to unleash the military on demonstrators against systematic inequality.

  • Dallas Police Asked People To Call Out Protesters. People Flooded Their App With K-Pop Instead.

    The Dallas PD’s iWatch Dallas app is currently down «due to technical difficulties.»

  • Violent Protests Against Police Brutality Are Once Again Sweeping The Country

    Demonstrations that started in Minneapolis and Louisville spread on Saturday to dozens of cities as far afield as Alaska and Hawaii. Many turned violent.

  • Workers Around The World Are Already Being Monitored By Digital Contact Tracing Apps

    Coronavirus contact tracing apps aren’t government-mandated. But they may be employer-mandated.

  • Here Are The Minneapolis Police’s Tools To Identify Protesters

    As protesters demonstrate in Minneapolis in response to George Floyd’s death, law enforcement agencies have access to a host of surveillance tools that could make it easier to target and find them.

  • The ACLU Is Suing Clearview AI To Stop “Privacy-Destroying Face Surveillance”

    The civil liberties organization is suing the facial recognition company for allegedly violating the privacy of Illinois residents.

  • Apple And Google’s Coronavirus Tech Won’t Actually Do Contact Tracing. Here’s Why Exposure Notification Is Different

    Exposure notifications and digital contact tracing are two different things. Choosing one or the other could change the course of the pandemic.

  • Utah’s Contact Tracing App Was Supposed To Help The State Open Up. It Isn’t Going Very Well.

    Healthy Together was supposed to help the state reopen. But very few people are using it.