Can We Guess Which Weird Food Combination You Craved During Pregnancy?

"Змея, которая не может сменить кожу, гибнет. То же и с умами, которым мешают менять мнения: они перестают быть умами." Фридрих Ницше ZM
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May 28, 2020


by lemonlover2020

Community Contributor

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Invite friends to play

Choose a song to jam to

Which clique did you belong to in high school?

Choose your fave food

  • Salt and vinegar chips

    Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

  • Cheetos

    Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

  • Ice cream

    ian dooley on Unsplash

  • Pickles

    Natalie Rhea Riggs on Unsplash

Choose something to watch

Finally, do you prefer salty or sweet?

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