"Веселые люди делают больше глупостей, чем печальные, но печальные делают большие глупости." Эвальд Христиан Клейсту ZM
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  • campbells4dbe23c87 commented on It’s Time To Vent Which Movie Sequels Were Absolutely Unnecessary

    Toy Story 3! The first three of the saga are magnificent and, while Toy Story 4 is a good movie in its own right, it completely undos some of the most emotional scenes in a Pixar movie of the toys almost dying in the trash fire and Andy giving up his toys. Woody leaving all his friends


  • campbells4dbe23c87 commented on What’s Your Favorite Acting Performance That Wasn’t Nominated For An Oscar?

    Robert Downey Jr. in Avengers Endgame! He pulled off a spectacular performance for a movie with insanely high expectations that was emotional and raw for a superhero movie (when he was trapped in space, reconciled with his dad, and all the moments leading up to and following his death)


  • campbells4dbe23c87 commented on What Actor From A Teen Drama Carried The Show On Their Back?

    An underrated one, but Kristen Bell is the reason Veronica Mars was so amazing. She made the emotional scenes so incredibly vulnerable and realistic. And while Veronica’s one liners could be cringey she made them funny and clever. One of the reasons I absolutely adore Kristen Bell


  • campbells4dbe23c87 commented on What’s The Most Out-Of-Character Thing Someone Has Done In A Movie?

    In Endgame, when Steve left all his friends (including his best friend he JUST got back) to go back in time for a woman who had moved on and made a family of her own without him. Steve even said in Age of Ultron that he’s not the same person as he was in the 40s and he doesn’t want


  • campbells4dbe23c87 commented on Let’s See How Your Unpopular Marvel Opinions Stack Up Against Others

    i see what you mean but steve’s definitely did change the world. before that tony was on his way to apologize, and most likely had the reveal not happened they would’ve made up and the avengers wouldn’t have been broken up. the russos confirmed that had steve and tony been fighting


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