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"Следует свой ум углублять, а не расширять и, подобно фокусу зажигательного стекла, собрать все тело и все лучи своего ума в одной точке." Клод Гельвеций ©

To Build Its COVID-19 Task Force, Las Vegas Partnered With A Company Linked To UAE Intelligence

Group 42 helped provide “vital testing materials» to Las Vegas. It also owns an app that spied on people.

Megha Rajagopalan

Dozens Of Immigrant Families Who Were Separated At The Border Likely Shouldn’t Have Been, An Internal Report Found

The inspector general’s report found that 40 children were separated from their parents for at least four weeks, although one didn’t see their family for more than a year.

Hamed Aleaziz

15 Not-Peaceful Things Cops Were Recorded Doing During The Weekend’s Black Lives Matter Protests

Violence against protesters, pepper spraying journalists, and destroying property.

Christopher Hudspeth

After The «Plandemic» Video Went Viral In The US, It Was Exported To The Rest Of The World

The discredited video has been translated into more than a dozen languages and has spread across the non-English-speaking world.

Jane Lytvynenko

Australians Are Pissed After An Aussie Reporter’s «Ignorant» Comments At The US Black Lives Matter Protests

Her comments have prompted an outcry of #AboriginalLivesMatter from Australians.

Julia Willing

An Immigrant Who Sued ICE Is Missing After Being Deported To A Dangerous Border City

The Mexican immigrant’s attorneys said he was deported to a dangerous border city and haven’t heard from him in more than a week.

Adolfo Flores

They Agreed To A Stranger’s Sexual Fantasy Involving A Broom. But They Had The Wrong House.

A court decision this month in Australia contained some helpful advice: Always double-check you have the right address if you’re going to a stranger’s place for role play.

David Mack

These Surreal Pictures Show How Restaurants Are Adapting To The Pandemic

As some places around the world ease their coronavirus restrictions, restaurants and bars are finding innovative and at times humorous ways to bring their customers back safely.

Gabriel H. Sanchez

This Top UK Official Attended A Massive Horse-Racing Festival Right As The Pandemic Was Exploding

The Cheltenham Festival welcomed in hundreds of thousands of spectators even as other major sports around the world were closing their doors.

Alberto Nardelli

New Zealand Is Celebrating A Bunch Of Good News About The Coronavirus

New Zealand has had no new cases of COVID-19 for five consecutive days.

David Mack

Netflix’s Japanese Reality Show «Terrace House» Has Been Canceled After Cast Member Hana Kimura Died

Her death by an apparent suicide has led to widespread criticism of cyberbullying in Japan.

Clarissa-Jan Lim

Kneel And Weep Before The First Koala Joey To Be Born Since The Devastating Australian Bushfires

Because there is still beauty in the world.

Julia Willing

A Security Flaw In Qatar’s Contact Tracing App Exposed Hundreds Of Thousands Of People’s Personal Data

After it was found by Amnesty International, the bug was fixed by the app’s developers.

Megha Rajagopalan

These 26 Breathtaking Destinations Around Victoria Will Have You Dreaming Of Travel Again

You may not get to Europe this year, but Australia has a pretty spectacular backyard.

Julia Willing

Here’s What Public Health Experts Have To Say About Using Public Restrooms During The Coronavirus Pandemic

«You’re basically kind of going in, to use a cute term, ‘a bioweapons factory’ — so there is no safe. There’s only things you can do to mitigate risk.»

Stephanie K. Baer

Bill Gates Conspiracy Theories Have Circulated For Years. It Took The Coronavirus Pandemic To Turn Him Into A Fake Villain.

After months of conspiracy-mongering, people around the world are demanding Gates be arrested for crimes against humanity. Here’s how things got so bad.

Ryan Broderick

These Parents Went Viral After They Bought Their Daughter A Whole New Printer Instead Of New Ink Cartridges

«Printer ink is a scam.»

Ikran Dahir

When India’s Airports Reopen On Monday, They’ll Be Pushing Travelers To Use The Government’s Controversial Contact Tracing App

Downloading Aarogya Setu won’t be mandatory to fly, but Indian authorities will be pushing it.

Pranav Dixit

Trump Wants To Hold The G7 Summit In Person But He Didn’t Ask Other World Leaders About The Idea Before Tweeting It

Gathering for the G7 summit when the world is tiptoeing out of coronavirus lockdowns: an “awkward proposition to deal with.”

Alberto Nardelli

Qatar Has Made Its Coronavirus Contact Tracing App Mandatory

Citizens and residents will be required to download the Ehteraz app when “leaving the house for any reason.”

Megha Rajagopalan

A 24-Year-Old Who Died Mysteriously On Nauru Should Get An Inquest, Lawyers Say

Lawyers for Rakib Khan’s family asked the Queensland coroner to hold an inquest as his body was transported through Brisbane.

Hannah Ryan

I Delivered The Not Guilty Verdicts At A Sexual Assault Trial

«The more I think about what exactly ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ means, the more it begins to bend my mind. And the court will not help.»

Anonymous Juror

This Young Man Spent His Twenties Imprisoned On A Pacific Island Before Finding Safety In Canada

Amir Sahragard hoped for safety in Australia but ended up in a brutal offshore camp. He is still dealing with the trauma as he starts a new life.

Lauren Strapagiel

The Coronavirus Has Tanked Carbon Emissions. It’s Not Nearly Enough To Prevent Climate Disaster.

Choosing whether to embrace green policies to lead the economic recovery will be a make-or-break moment for the climate crisis, experts say.

Zahra Hirji

The US Agency In Charge Of The Immigration System Says It’s Facing A Financial Disaster Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

«Without congressional intervention, we risk not being able to make payroll and will have to take drastic actions to keep the agency afloat,» the leader of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services wrote to employees.

Hamed Aleaziz

This Billionaire Oligarch Is Being Investigated By A US Federal Grand Jury For Alleged Money Laundering

Igor Kolomoisky is accused of funneling money from a Ukrainian bank into properties across the US.

Michael Sallah

These 26 Photos Will Convince You That South Australia Is Like Nowhere Else In The World

Say hello to your post-COVID bucket list.

Julia Willing

Trump Said If Mike Pompeo’s Wife And Kids Aren’t Around To Wash His Dishes, A Staffer Can

«I would rather have him on the phone with some world leader than have him wash dishes — because maybe his wife isn’t there or his kids aren’t.»

David Mack

This Woman Believes COVID-19 And The Bushfires Show The Apocalypse Is Coming. It Saved Her From Being Deported.

The woman and her husband are members of the «Local Church», whose members believe everyone else will perish when God returns.

Hannah Ryan

This UK Photographer Can’t Travel To The Congo — So He’s Lifting Up Local Voices Instead

«This is a way to amplify their voices on work they’re already doing, taking it beyond the communities that would already be sharing this information, and give it the platform»

Kate Bubacz