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"Я не жертва обстоятельств, я - результат моих решений." Стивен Кови ZM
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17 Times TV Characters Actually Said They Were Bisexual

«It doesn’t take an intellectual to get that I’m bisexual!»

Kelly Martinez

Recast These Classic Rom Coms And We’ll Give You A Queer Movie To Watch

When Sally Met Sally.

Kirby Beaton

17 «Growing Up Gay» Tweets I Probably Laughed A Little Too Hard At

Guilty as charged, your honor.

Jon-Michael Poff

17 LGBTQ-Authored Cookbooks To Cook From During Pride (And Beyond)

Supporting goods made by queer creatives makes sure that money is invested right back into the LGBTQ community.

Jesse Szewczyk

9 Times Queer Couples Were Done Right On Screen And 8 Times They Were Outright Robbed

Gallavich = YAY! Klaine = NAY.

Sam Cleal

RuPaul Wore A Mask Again During The «RuPaul’s Drag Race» Finale And You Better Believe That People Have Thoughts

«RuPaul’s new drag name should be Heidi Behind Mask.»

Brian Galindo

Everyone Has A Charli XCX Album That Matches Their Personality – Here’s Your

«It’s Charli, baby.»

Austin Allie

The Uneven Return Of Old-School Lady Gaga

Chromatica revives the Lady Gaga the world fell in love with. The results are uneven, but it’s good to have her back.

Pier Dominguez

A Teen Recorded Herself Coming Out To Her Mom, And Her Reaction Is Making My Heart Swell

I love them.

Daniella Emanuel

“Drag Race” Is Bigger Than Ever. Is That A Good Thing?

As queer identity became mainstream and social media transformed reality TV celebrity, the onetime niche show became bigger than ever. But so have the criticisms.

Pier Dominguez

15 Stories About How LGBTQ Couples Met That Made Me Say, «I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying»

Pass the tissues, please.

Ajani Bazile

White Women Need To Do Better

It’s past time for us to ditch the damsel narrative, admit our power, and stand up for racial justice.

Shannon Keating

We Want To Know Which Movies Or TV Shows Got Queer Couples Right, And Which Ones Did Them Dirty

Who’s god-tier and who’s meh-tier?

Sam Cleal

Dwyane Wade Dyed His Hair Pink To Match His Daughter Zaya And, Excuse Me, There’s Something In My Eye

They snapped.

Terry Carter

Pixar’s New Heartwarming Disney+ Short Is A Wonderful Coming-Out Story

Another wonderful addition to its SparkShorts series.

Brian Galindo

Bisexual People Are Sharing The Biggest Differences Between Dating Men And Women And It’s Interesting

Featuring who’s more cuddly, patient, and horny.

Ryan Schocket

RuPaul Wore A Mask During The «RuPaul’s Drag Race» Reunion Episode And People Have Thoughts


Brian Galindo

I Hid My Transition For Years. I Regret It Now.

«I came to understand that what I wanted was to be seen as my complete self — my gender, my race, my history — without being judged because of it.» An excerpt from Fairest: A Memoir.

Meredith Talusan

This Woman Found Multiple Sex Toys In Her Boyfriend’s Sock Drawer — Should She Confront Him?

«He has never talked to me about any sexual fetishes.»

Stephen LaConte

«RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5» Just RuVealed The Big Twist This Season In Its New Trailer

We have lots more eleganza extravaganza coming in June!!!

Brian Galindo

The Trailer For Season 5 Of «Queer Eye» Just Dropped And I Already Cried Six Times Watching It

Honestly, I didn’t realize how much we needed the Fab Five right now.

Brian Galindo

If You Love «Call Me By Your Name,» Then You Need To Watch These 22 Films

No peaches were harmed in the making of these 22 movies.


My Boyfriend Just Came Out As Trans — Do I Have To Tell My Conservative Family?

«I’m really struggling.»

Stephen LaConte

Celebrity Dating Gossip Is Getting Me Through This Pandemic

From Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat (maybe) getting cozy during quarantine to Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’s endless paparazzi walks, I can’t get enough of celebrity odd couples.

Shannon Keating

A Man Shared A Shocking Photo Of What COVID-19 Did To Him After Six Weeks In A Hospital

«I wanted to show it can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, have preexisting conditions or not. It can affect you.»

David Mack

15 Funny As Hell Gay Tweets From This Week


Ryan Schocket

Ashley Benson Received Hateful Comments About Her Possibly Dating G-Eazy After Her Breakup And Cara Delevingne Came To Her Defense

«To everyone hating on Ashley Benson, please stop!»

Morgan Murrell

«RuPaul’s Drag Race» Will Air A Season 12 Finale As Planned, And It Will Be A Virtual One

Category is…finale during a quarantine.

Brian Galindo

LGBT People Shared Their «Gayest» Pictures With Us And If These Pictures Don’t Make Your Day, Nothing Will

The signs were everywhere, mom.

Matt Stopera

I Just Found Out Most Straight People Have No Idea Who Can And Cannot Give Blood

Dear straight people, here’s what I wish you knew about being gay and giving blood.

Matt Stopera