BuzzFeed Archive for September 1, 2012

"Следует свой ум углублять, а не расширять и, подобно фокусу зажигательного стекла, собрать все тело и все лучи своего ума в одной точке." Клод Гельвеций ZM
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How To Be Gay And Republican

Gay conservatives explain their support for both Mitt Romney and marriage between gay couples.

Andrew Gauthier

Bryan Fischer Cancels Planned DNC Trip

The nation’s loudest social conservative won’t do his show from Charlotte next week as he planned. «I might live longer this way.»

Rosie Gray

These Jehovah’s Witnesses Tell Deaf People To Stop Masturbating

I recommend listening to your favorite jam, leaning back, and relaxing while you watch this masterpiece among public service announcements. It’s kind of soothing after awhile. Video via @eventi. Updated with synced video!

Summer Anne Burton

Meet Kong Suni, The Farting Baby Doll

In Korea, even farting is adorable.

Summer Anne Burton

Stunning Photos From Helicopter Safari And Other Weekend Links

Mark down another one for your bucket list.

Donna Dickens

Obama Team Used To Love Clint Eastwood

Democrats may be poking fun at Clint Eastwood for his speech at the Republican Convention, but back in February when he appeared in his «Halftime in America» Chrysler ad, the White House and Obama campaign were loving the movie star.

Andrew Kaczynski

Pants-On-Fire Politics

The Democrats’ attack on Republican honesty is a campaign ploy, not an argument. An unusually honest election on both sides.

Ben Smith

30 Extravagant Photographs Of The 2012 International Bodypainting Festival

The festival takes place in South Korea and is the largest event in the world of body painting. The incredibly ornate costumes and giant headpieces are just a bonus, I guess.

Summer Anne Burton

The Remarkable Life Of The Dock Connector

Eight years and hundreds of millions of devices later, Apple’s weird, flat, ubiquitous plug is heading to the great tangled cord drawer in the sky.

John Herrman