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"Обладание всякого рода благами - это еще не все. Получать наслаждение от обладания ими - вот в чем состоит счастье." Пьер Бомарше ZM
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Get A New Cell Phone And We’ll Tell You What To Be For Halloween

«This changes everything.»

liv hussey

How Many Anne Hathaway Movies Have You Seen?

The only correct answer is: «all of them.»

Ehis Osifo

Do You Really Love Chris Evans If You Haven’t Seen 16/33 Of These Films?

How many have you seen?

Terry Carter

This Personality Quiz Will Reveal Which Pizza You’re Most Like

Are you plain?


25 Things To Buy If You’re Pretty Much A Twentysomething Grandma

There’s no shame in your grandma game.

Taylor Owens

24 Times The Ladies Of «Bob’s Burgers» Were Hilarious As Hell

«Your ass is grass and I’m gonna mow it.»

Kayla Yandoli

These Journalists Are Facing Threats And Injustice For Pursuing The Truth

Press freedoms are under assault around the world. These are the most urgent cases in October.

BuzzFeed News

Only Someone Who Listens To Taylor Swift 24/7 Can Guess The Song Based On The Lyrics

«Are you ready for it?»


A Judge Has Blocked Georgia’s Law Banning Abortion After Six Weeks

The law also declared a fetus a “natural person,” but it “failed to address” what that would mean legally, the judge wrote.

Ema O’Connor

Jaime From «Game Of Thrones» Has A Brienne Of Tarth Toy In His Home And I Cannot

My heart is bursting.

Ehis Osifo

You’re Officially A Victim Of Dating In 2019 If You Check Off More Than 26 Things On This List

It’s a cruel world out there people.

Daniella Emanuel

We Want To Hear About The Unfortunate Thing You Saw Someone Do On A Plane

This calls for an emergency landing.

Krista Torres

34 Products For People Who Can’t Stop Watching «Riverdale»

You can’t stop watching even if you wanted to.

Ajani Bazile

Seth Rogen’s Mom Tweeted About Having Sex With Seth Rogen’s Sick Dad And Hopefully Seth Rogen Won’t See It

Sandy Rogen strikes again.

Matt Stopera

13 itens para finalmente ter uma casa de adulto

Porque um dia a gente é adolescente e no outro a gente tá cheirando amaciante no supermercado.

Gaia Passarelli

Aaron Paul Is Doing Our Puppy Interview — So If You Have Any Questions, Now Is The Time To Ask

Jesse Pinkman + puppies = dreams coming true.

Ehis Osifo

Harvard University Is Allowed To Use Race As A Factor In Its Admissions Process, A Judge Ruled

A federal lawsuit accused the Ivy League school of discriminating against Asian American students by considering race in its admissions standards.

Salvador Hernandez

Plan The Perfect Weekend And We’ll Tell You How Stressed You Are

Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards, so… do with that what you will.


Estas fotos poderosas revelam como era a China de 70 anos atrás

Em 1949, Mao Tse-Tung declarou a fundação da República Popular da China, dando início a 70 anos de uma reviravolta social e política sob o regime comunista.

Gabriel H. Sanchez

25 Products To Help Make A Tiny Space Feel Roomier

No matter how small your space is, remember…it’s all about the art of ~illusion.~ *jazz hands*

Nusrat Sultana

26 «Toy Story 4» Easter Eggs That Warm This Pixar Nerd’s Heart

Did you catch the Pizza Planet truck?

Audrey Engvalson

What’s The Best Latinx Dessert From Your Country?

~’Cause every taste is ooh-la-la, it’s true la-la-la~

Nusrat Sultana

22 Things That’ll Get You Ready For Cold And Flu Season

I have a cold and it’s snot funny!

Mikael Melo

A Dad Has Been Accused Of Killing His Son By Pouring Hot Water Down His Throat To «Cast A Demon Out»

The man allegedly told police that he «saw something evil» in his son and «knew he had to cast the demon out.»

Brianna Sacks

This Personality Quiz Will Reveal Which Netflix TV Show You Should Watch

Tune in.


Choose Your Favorite Cakes And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Color

Red? Teal?


25 Things That Ruined Your Day 15 Years Ago That No One Cares About Now

These used to be absolutely devastating.

Dave Stopera

27 Products To Take Your Bakes From Amateur To Showstopper

On your marks, get set, BAKE!

Lana Huh

22 Inexpensive Things To Add To Your Closet This Fall

A bunch of cute additions to your fall wardrobe — and nothing is over $20.

Elena Garcia

Prince Harry Is Suing The Mail On Sunday For Its «False» And «Derogatory» Coverage Of Meghan

«My wife has become one of the latest victims of a British tabloid press that wages campaigns against individuals with no thought to the consequences.»

Ellie Hall

Selena Gomez Just Opened Up About Her Family Crossing The Border «Hidden In The Back Of A Truck»

«Undocumented immigration is an issue I think about every day.»

Stephen LaConte

10 filmes que vão te fazer defender o cinema nacional

Alerta: não contém «Cidade de Deus» e nem «O Auto da Compadecida».

Gaia Passarelli

What Products Actually Help Make Adulting A Little Bit Easier?

We want to know.

Natalie Brown

21 Of The Funniest «Sept. 30 Vs. Oct. 1» Memes

I love Halloween month.

Ehis Osifo

Qual programa icônico da antiga MTV Brasil é você?

Desligue a TV e vá fazer um teste do BuzzFeed.

Matheus Saad

Facebook’s «I Voted» Button Could Be Trump’s Secret Turnout Weapon In 2020

As leaked audio shows Mark Zuckerberg worrying about Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the site’s “I Voted” button could help tip the election for the president or another candidate.

Scott Lucas

37 Men From 37 Different Places Dressed In Their National Costume For A Male Beauty Pageant

The USA’s national costume is interesting. Very interesting.

Matt Stopera

A Judge Wants Assurances The Administration Won’t Destroy Records About Trump’s Calls With Foreign Leaders. The Justice Department Is Hesitating.

A lawsuit filed in May accusing the White House of failing to create and preserve records of the Trump administration’s calls with foreign leaders suddenly got a lot more urgent.

Zoe Tillman

The Fort You Build Will Determine Whether You’re An Introvert Or Extrovert

Make it count.


Todd Phillips Blamed «Woke Culture» For Killing Comedy And Leading Him To Make «Joker»

The director of Old School, Road Trip, and The Hangover trilogy said stars don’t want to offend people nowadays.

David Mack

25 Things From Walmart For Anyone Who Loves Cats

These items are positively purrfect.

Taylor Owens

Design Your Bedroom To Reveal Which Music Genre You Are

«I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road…»


Are You Sweet Or Salty?

We know.


Pastel de 4 jeitos

Dessa vez o brasileiro passou dos limites.


This Is What China Looked Like 70 Years Ago

In 1949, Mao Zedong declared the founding of the People’s Republic of China, ushering in 70 years of massive social and political upheaval under communist rule.

Gabriel H. Sanchez

27 Things That’ll Make Living With Roommates So Much Easier

You know what’s great? Not hating the people you live with.

Alice Prendergast

¿Qué tan etérea e inalcanzable eres?

Descubre si eres una diva-estrella intocable o una persona normal.

Luis Del Valle

If You Score 7/10 Or Above On This Riddle Quiz, You’re Smarter Than The Average Person

Read carefully.

Stephen LaConte

The Gender-Neutral Revolution In Gendered Languages

We’re trying to make «themself» happen. Plus: scary clowns, questions from readers, and Sam Smith.

Emerson Malone

19 Useful Things Our Readers Swear Are 100% Worth The Money

Little life-improving finds.

Kat Angus

I Talked To My Deceased Brother Through A Spiritualist

Writer Mira Ptacin never expected to communicate with her late brother when she visited Camp Etna, a Maine haven for mediums and Spiritualists, in this excerpt from her forthcoming book The In-Betweens.

Mira Ptacin

8 Great Things About American Supermarkets And 7 Things That I, A Brit, Find Very Odd

Why are there ~17~ different types of breakfast syrup?!

Hanifah Rahman

69 Things You May Want To Add To Your Cart This Fall

Warning: the following list is filled with flannel, coziness, and pumpkin.

Elena Garcia

17 Rustic Products That Can Help Make Your House Feel Way Cosier

It’s officially cosy season.

Amy Glover

An Italian Woman Gave Mike Pompeo A Big Block Of Parmesan Because Trump Might Put Tariffs On Cheese

This is not a Mad Lib. This is the news.

Hayes Brown

«Birds Of Prey» Has A Trailer, And I’m Not Being Dramatic, It’s Everything We Deserve

Goodbye, «Hot Girl Summer.» Hello, «Clown Princess Spring.»

Allie Hayes

Uma milícia pró-Trump clama por uma nova guerra civil, e o Twitter não vê violação de suas regras

Quando é que promover o extremismo violento não significa promover o extremismo violento? Quando o Twitter diz que não.

Ryan Broderick

The New GoPro Is Pretty Cool! But I Still Won’t Buy One.

Could I, a brisk walker at best, find some use for a GoPro?

Scott Lucas

16 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Love Dogs

Because there’s no better best friend than a dog!


Can You Identify These «Elite» Characters Just By Their Mouths?

Diehard fans, it’s time to prove yourselves!

Luis Del Valle

Gigi Hadid Tossed A Famous French YouTuber Runway Crasher Off Stage

Don’t mess with Gigi.

Matt Stopera

Just 25 Cute Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Get At Walmart

Only a baby can look cute dressed up as Frankenstein.

Ajani Bazile

Here’s What Kind Of Hotel $100 A Night Will Get You In These European Capitals

Traveling abroad on budget ain’t so bad after all.

Emmy Favilla

Esse teste vai revelar que tipo de idoso confuso com a tecnologia é você🌷🌷🌷

Luiz Guilherme Moura

Which Character From The «Dora The Explorer» Live Action Movie Are You?

Are you more of a Boots or a Swiper?

Luis Del Valle

The Sunrise Movement Is Building An Army In The Early 2020 States

“Our top priority is to build an army of young people to elect a candidate in the caucuses who will be a champion of the Green New Deal,” said one organizer.

Zahra Hirji

18 Useful Things That Are Worth Splurging On

In the iconic words of Jessie J, «Forget about the price tag!»

Kaysey Davis

Ever Wonder Which Monster You Are? Create A Scary Movie To Find Out

The real monsters live inside our minds.

Emily Smyly

17 Tweets From This Month That Absolutely Obliterated Men

«If only I could convince myself I deserve as much as men at airports think they deserve.»

Syd Robinson

8 De estos tuppers godínez tienen una comida horrible, ¿puedes encontrar al único que no?


Mireya González

Become An Airbnb Host And We’ll Guess What Your Rating Would Be

Will you be a Superhost?

Remee Patel

12 Highly-Rated Dupes For Expensive Products You’ve Probably Considered Buying

Your wallet will thank you.

Jasmin Nahar

24 Of The Best Halloween Decorations You Can Get At Walmart

It’s never too early to get spooky.

Lauren Garafano

Only «Hocus Pocus» Fans Will Understand These 13 Tweets And Tumblr Posts

Ah yes, the four seasons — Winter, Spring, Summer, and Hocus Pocus.

Karina Schink

An Ex–Dallas Cop Was Found Guilty Of Murder For Fatally Shooting Her Unarmed Neighbor In His Own Apartment

A Dallas jury returned a guilty verdict for Guyger who killed 26-year-old Botham Jean last year after saying she mistook his apartment for her own.

Tasneem Nashrulla

All The Best Deals At Walmart Right Now

Deals on KitchenAid stand mixers, sofas, diffusers, and more!

Rebekah Shoemake

19 Mexican Moms Who Didn’t Want A Dog And Came Around Quickly

There’s no resisting a puppy’s love.

Pablo Valdivia

People Are Sharing The Biggest Secrets They’ve Kept From Their Parents And Wow, IDK How To Feel

Now I’m trying to remember the biggest secret I kept from my mommy.

Jame Jackson

We Bet We Can Guess Your Favorite Dessert Based On The Pizza You Build

What better match than pizza and dessert?


40 Things That’ll Make Everyone Born Before 1994 Say, «Wow, It Was Such A Different Time And I Miss All Of It»

Good memories overload.

Brian Galindo

14 Reactions To Adele And Skepta Reportedly Dating

Skepta is who Adele was referring to in «Someone Like You.»

Ryan Schocket

20 Disfraces de Halloween de último minuto

No puedes ser «persona sin disfraz» por quinto año seguido.

Angela Vitello

22 Small Pieces Of Decor To Add A Bit Of Fall To Your Home

Give ’em ~pumpkin~ to talk about.

Abby Kass

Podemos adivinar si eres la persona real o… ¡LA USURPADORA!

Un día llegaré con un disfraz, distinto el color, la misma faz…

Luis Del Valle

¿Eres más Pennywise o el Guasón?

Descubre cuál de los dos payasos diabólicos te representa.

Luis Del Valle

¿Qué canción de José José define tu vida amorosa?

¿Andas muy «Lo pasado, pasado» o más bien lloras a moco tendido como «El triste»?

Mireya González

El último (y único) quiz de compatibilidad zodiacal que necesitas hacer en tu vida

Ok, pero con qué signo eres realmente compatible.

Andrew Ziegler

People Are Worried Applying For College Financial Aid Could Be A Total Mess This Year

Students will have to manually enter some information into the FAFSA, raising concerns that errors will make people ineligible for aid.

Venessa Wong

18 Mochilas cool para complacer todo tipo de gustos

Una (o tres) para los elegantes, otra para pamboleros, una para minimalistas…

Eythel Aracil

Can We Guess Your Favorite Designer Brand Based On The Luxury Day You Plan?

This is the life.


Go To School For A Day And We’ll Reveal Which Fictional Teen School You Belong In

High school never ends.

Ehis Osifo

15 Dollar Store Travel Hacks That Are Actually Really Useful

Planning a trip just got easier.

Krista Torres

The Romantic Dinner You Plan Will Reveal Your Favorite Animal

So sweet.


23 «How My Parents Met» Stories That Prove Fate Is So, So Real

«My dad’s car broke down and he had to hitchhike. My mom picked him up.»

Asia McLain

21 (Really Good) Fall Recipes To Make In October

Let the best food season begin.

Melissa Jameson

11 fatos que provam que a Negra Li é um monumento do rap

Ela transita por todos os ritmos rap, pop, mpb e R&B, é compositora, atriz, dançarina e mãe. São tantas qualidades que mal cabem em um subtítulo.

Gabriela Ferraz

13 Things I Want To Know About Halloween In America

Seriously America, what is candy corn?

Josie Ayre

31 Cuddle-Worthy Things You’ll Probably Want To Curl Up With This Fall

«It’s getting a bit colder.» «I need to get ready for fall.» «I’ve decided to dedicate myself to the cozy life.» Just some of the excuses to use when clicking «add to cart.» (You’re welcome.)

Elena Garcia

10 Fantasy And Sci-Fi Archetypes You See All Over The Place

Hey… all this sounds familiar.


All We Need Is 8 Questions To Know What You’re Most Afraid Of

Fear is the one thing you can count on.

Jughead Jones

Here’s The Best Coffee Spot In Every State, According To Yelp

Time to quit your day job and go on a tour de caffeine.

Samantha Wieder

This Quiz Will Determine What % Nigerian You Are

It is time to separate the Super Eagles from the passing pigeons.

Ade Onibada

21 Jokes About «Hocus Pocus» That Are Honestly So True

«When his Tinder profile reads ‘still eligible to light the black flame candle.'»

Jen Abidor

Are You More Like The Sun Or The Moon?

We’ll get it right.


14 Useful Products That’ll Help You Deal With Your Noisy Neighbors

«Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!» —you to your neighbors, who can’t hear you anyway because they’re too damn loud.

Elena Garcia

This Disposable Coffee Cup Drama Between Boris Johnson’s Aides Is Lighting Up The Internet

This is more The Thick of It than the actual The Thick of It.

Emily Ashton

12 Skincare Essentials That Will Not Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

Give your skin the love it deserves.


Boris Johnson Has Handed £100,000 Of Taxpayers’ Cash To One Of His Main Donors

The money is supposed to help Bristol port get “ready for Brexit”. But the port’s owners — who donated £25,000 to Johnson’s leadership campaign — previously already declared themselves “Brexit ready”.

Alex Wickham

25 Happy-Looking Products To Bring Some Darn Positivity To Your Life

Add another little smile to your life. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Rebecca O’Connell



Pedro Fequiere



Chrissy Mahlmeister

Take This Quiz To Find Out Which Chef Boyardee Pasta You Are

Beefaroni, Beefaroni, I like the ravioli!


Show Your Pets How Much You Love Them With These 14 Pet Care Essentials

We’re paw-sitive your furry friend will love these.


A Teenage Protester Has Been Shot By A Live Police Round In Hong Kong

A video circulating online by pro-democracy supporters appears to show a protester being shot at point-blank range, as huge rallies take place on China’s 70th anniversary.

Rosalind Adams

Mike Johnson Opened Up About His Relationship With Demi Lovato By Revealing She «Kisses Really Well»

As well as revealing that Demi «kisses really well», Mike opened up about who made the first move and what he doesn’t like about their current situation.

Ben Henry

Which Half Of These 9 Celebrity Couples Is More Famous?

John Krasinski or Emily Blunt?


9 Products To Beat October Heat

Let’s shake ’em heat waves off.

Mugdha Kusray

42 Dresses You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

It’s time to ~dress~ to impress.

Mallory Mower



Kota Hatachi

22 Photos From Inside Justin And Hailey Bieber’s Wedding

From personalised crystallised champagne bottles to the first photos of the bride and groom.

Ellie Woodward

50歳になったジェニファー・アニストン 年齢について語る


Stephen LaConte



Asami Togi

42 Quick Solutions For The Small Annoyances In Your Life

«Begone.» — you to all your small but annoying problems.

Emma McAnaw

9 Gadgets And Accessories Any College Student Would Love To Get

Nobody appreciates free stuff more than a broke college kid.

Kshitija Agrawal



Haruna Yamazaki



Ryosuke Kamba

今あなたが読むべきマンガは? 10秒でわかる #漫画診断

AIライターのりんなだよ! りんなが選ぶあなたにぴったりのマンガ、読んでみたくない……?


金属バットのエイズネタは「確信犯」観客の笑いに絶望を覚えた HIV陽性者団体に聞く


Ryosuke Kamba



Aina Maruyama

酒好きがガチで推す「ノンアルコールビール」がこれ! 11種を飲み比べてみた


Kaworu Nakamichi

「猿としたらエイズ」「黒人とかな」 吉本芸人のネタにHIV陽性者ら批判「差別を強化」


Ryosuke Kamba

7 Of The Best-Rated Portable Bluetooth Speakers That Are Affordable AF

Here’s some sound advice.

Shivani Agrawal



Sakiko Shigemori



Hana Shimada



Reona Hisamatsu

10 Products To Give Your Bathroom A Glow Up

That’s how we *roll*!

Mugdha Kusray

11 Space-Efficient Products You’ll Love If You Have A Small Home

The struggle is real, but we’re here to help.

Kshitija Agrawal

19 Cool Discounted Appliances To Save Your Kitchen And Your Life

From mixers to microwaves and everything in between, big discounts are cooking for every budget!

Sharanya Haridas

13 Dog Halloween Costumes That Will Absolutely Put You In The Halloween Spirit

It’s spooky puppy season, y’all.


Here Are 16 Ways To Make This Long Weekend The Best One Yet

There’s more to life than binging Netflix, you know.

Hameda Nafiz

Congress Wants Answers From Two Men Who Led Smear Campaign Against Biden — Under Giuliani’s Direction

Congress is demanding information from two men who carried out a campaign to discredit Joe Biden under Giuliani’s direction.

Michael Sallah


「その期間、 京アニという輪の仲間に一瞬でも入ることのできた自分は幸せでした」

Haruna Yamazaki

10 Reasons Why Jack Black Is One Of The Most Iconic Performers In Entertainment History

«Dude, I service society by rocking.»


Only Someone Who’s Seen «Mean Girls» Several Times Can Pass This General Knowledge Quiz

Can you sit with us?


17 Hilarious Things Only Really, REALLY Pregnant Women Would Do

«My nipples are so angry.»

Asia McLain

I Had To Do A Double Take When I Saw Justin Bieber’s Wedding Makeover

Biebs, is that you?

Marissa G. Muller

Build A Six-Course Meal To Find Out When You’ll Have Sex Next

Time to find out your fate.

Lauren Yapalater

「我慢」じゃなく「楽しさ」で導きたい 不登校向けゲームのオンライン家庭教師「ゲムトレ」発進!


Naoko Iwanaga

10月11日は #国際ガールズデー🧚‍♀️ 特集記事をまとめて読むにはスマートニュースが便利です

ずっと付き合う「からだ」のことだから、みんなで悩みを分け合えたら、毎日がもっと楽しくなるかもしれない。BuzzFeed Japanでは性や健康について考え、「男らしさ」や「女らしさ」を超えて、自分らしく生きる人を応援するコンテンツを届けていきます。

Akiko Kobayashi

Let’s See If You Can Score At Least 50% On This Year 12 Business Studies Exam

My brain already hurts.

Isha Bassi

Asylum-Seekers Are Trying To Flee Violence In Mexico. The US Is Sending Them Right Back.

Turning away asylum-seekers at official border crossings and sending them back to the country they’re fleeing is against US and international law, immigrant advocates said.

Adolfo Flores

There Are Only 5 Love Languages In The World. Which One Do You Speak?


Syd Robinson

We’ll Guess Your Favorite Social Media App Based On Your Food Preferences


m <3

I’m Just Sitting Here Admiring Maisie Williams And Her Boyfriend’s Matching Makeup

Find someone who can commit the way Maisie and Reuben do to style.

Marissa G. Muller

40 Very, Very Random Things That Will Make You Say, «Well, I Completely Forgot About That»

You probably forgot that you forgot about all of these!

Brian Galindo

We Need To Talk About The Pacer Test And How Seriously Awful It Was

«The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues…»

Kelly Martinez



Kota Hatachi

The Trump Administration Will Have To Pay $6.6 Million So Far To Groups That Sued Over The Census Citizenship Question

The Justice Department reached $3.9 million in settlements with challengers in Maryland, new documents show. That’s on top of the $2.7 million the administration already agreed to pay the ACLU.

Zoe Tillman

Trump Never Accepted Russia’s Role In His Election. His Denial May Get Him Impeached.

Of course the extremely cursed time we are living through — Ukraine, Barr, the impeachment inquiry, all of it — goes back to Trump’s obsession with Russia.

Hayes Brown

Can You Guess How Old These «Elite» Cast Members Are?

Sure, they play high schoolers onsceen — but how old are the actors really??

Luis Del Valle

16 «Friends» Moments That Prove Rachel Was The Most Savage Of Them All

«No uterus, no opinion.»

Kayla Yandoli

35 Signs You Are An Old Lady In A Young Person’s Body

Chances are you probably are.

Matt Stopera

30 Things You’ll Probably Find Really Helpful If You’re A Procrastinator

For when you said you’d do it tomorrow, and now it’s tomorrow.

Emma McAnaw