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"Вы никогда не пересечете океан, если не наберетесь мужества потерять берег из виду." Христофор Колумб ZM
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Racist Social Media Users Have A New Code To Avoid Censorship

New code words hide slurs from social platforms, and many tweets using them express support for Donald Trump.

Alex Kantrowitz

Sacramento Police Tried To Run Over A Homeless Man Before Fatally Shooting Him

“I’m going to hit him,” one of the officers can be heard saying on the dash cam footage. “OK. Go for it, go for it,” the other officer responds.

Tamerra Griffin

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Power Of Rhetoric

In this list, you will find five constructions of the power of rhetoric when we choose to enact positive change. Here, rhetoric offers a range of choices—or “available means”— for doing such work.


12 New Texas State Fair Foods That’ll Literally Make You Gasp

Howdy y’all, welcome to the Fried State of Texas.

Anna Bryant

Jacob Hall, 6, Dies After South Carolina Elementary School Shooting

The 14-year-old shooter was charged as a juvenile with murder and three counts of attempted murder on Friday.

Julia Reinstein

17 Of The Funniest Tweets About September 30th Vs. October 1st

Everything has changed.

Erin La Rosa

家事育児をしない「九州男児」を啓発 動画「知事が妊婦に。」の裏側を聞いた


Kantaro Suzuki



Alanna Bennett

Situation Chinese Immigrants Know Too Well

What’s your name AGAIN?


Iconic Pachuca Looks

The original Latina «bad girls.»

Curly Velasquez

We Heard You Like Lists. Here Are The Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Read And Share This List.



When You’re The Athletic Friend

«I have to go to the gym»

Niki Ang

What Do You Do With Your Life After You’ve Already Been The World’s Youngest Dictator?

Valentine Strasser was once the world’s youngest dictator, ruling Sierra Leone for four turbulent years. But his fall from power left him broken, exiled, and eventually back home as a mysterious and feared recluse. BuzzFeed News makes an uninvited house call.

Monica Mark

Is He Still In Love With His Ex?

He still follows her on Instagram. What does that mean?

Garrett Werner

6 Movies You Should Totally See This Month

A literary scandal, a Holocaust haunting, and an animated Arctic adventure — here are six smaller movies worth a look this month, all playing in theaters and on VOD.

Alison Willmore

Muslim Man Punched In Attack Near DC Metro Station

Rashid Dar told BuzzFeed News he believes he was targeted for the clothes he was wearing.

Tamerra Griffin

Are You Ready To Watch Justin Timberlake Do The «Shopping Cart» Dance?

I don’t think you’re ready for this strawberry jelly he picked up.

Erin La Rosa

Estes tacos de camarão grelhado com molho cremoso vão te dar água na boca

A vida é sempre melhor com tacos.

Claire Nolan

Soothe Aches And Pains With This Homemade Heating Pad

Bonus: It’s an ice pack, too!

Erin Phraner

38 Shawn Mendes Lyrics To Use As Instagram Captions

♫ Give me a sign, take my hand, we’ll be fine, then like my Instagram ♫

Monika del Rosario

18 Times Tumblr Was Way Too Real For People Who Hate People

«Party at my house. Bring food then leave.»

Natalya Lobanova

The Worst Parts Of Childbirth

«You’re basically a live vagina exhibit…»

Kevin McShane

The World’s First Bulletproof Black Man Is Here Whether You Like It Or Not

«If you’re a black person imagining a superhero, the first thing you would want is a bulletproof superhero,» says Mike Colter.

Gena-mour Barrett

This 8-Bit Version Of «Stranger Things» Is All You Need Today

The 8-bit Eggo waffle alone!

Erin La Rosa

28 personnes nous disent comment elles ont appris à aimer leur vagin

«Dédicace à nos utérus, les premières imprimantes 3D.»

Shannon Rosenberg

Quel couple littéraire êtes-vous avec votre partenaire?

Êtes-vous Katniss et Peeta ou Daenerys et Khal Drogo?

Julia Pugachevsky

La quête d’une Française pour trouver le meilleur pain au chocolat de New York

Le récit d’une quête inoubliable!

Marie Telling

Men Worked Out In Prison For A Week And Their Assumptions About Prisoners Totally Changed

«Seeing all this shit makes you feel helpless.»

Jessica Massa

Voici ce que ça fait de s’asseoir sur «swiss ball» au bureau

À tester chez vous si votre boss n’est pas aussi cool que la mienne!

Jennifer Padjemi

19 Tumblr Posts That Are Way Too Real If You Cry Easily

*Holds back tears.*

Natalya Lobanova

People Are Flabbergasted By The «Blind Stupidity» Of Iain Duncan Smith’s Action Plan For Brexit

The blueprint for negotiations for leaving the EU has been called «laughable,» «outrageously thick,» and «absolute fantasy».

Laura Silver

Inside Donald Trump’s Surveillance Operations

Sources: Trump’s little-known home near Washington, DC, has security cameras inside and outside, monitored from New York, according to insiders. Politicians have stayed there for “safe haven.” Ubiquitous surveillance equipment is also threaded throughout his Trump National Golf Club.

Aram Roston

I Got My Foundation Matched At Four Beauty Counters

Some of them made me look like a corpse.

Nina Mohan

A Bear That Mauled A Hiker Left Behind Clues In His DNA

When a bear mauls a camper, park rangers round up the usual suspects. DNA tests can now reveal whether a bear is innocent, saving it from being killed.

Dan Vergano

9 Steps To Drinking Whiskey Like A Pro

It’s the water of life, so drink up!

Erin La Rosa

31 Holy Grail Beauty Products That Actually Follow Through On Their Claims

No bullshit here. The products in this post were updated in May 2018.

Augusta Falletta

31 Gorgeous Engagement Rings You’ll Want To Buy For Yourself

Heck, go ahead and propose to yourself.

Sarah Han

24 Things That Will Make You Feel Like An Adult This Month

Take the spooookiness out of being a grown-up.

Maitland Quitmeyer

We Know If You’re A Good Person Based On One Question

You’ve ruined Halloween, haven’t you?

Chris Gera

22 Products Anyone Who Loves A Drink Will Appreciate

Bottoms up!

Kevin Smith

22 Reasons You Should Be Obsessed With Apple This Fall

What spiced latte?

Elizabeth Lilly

Is This Candy Accidentally Vegan?

Since Halloween is coming up, can you decide which of the following candies are fit for a vegan diet, and those that are not?

Whitney Jefferson

33 Futuristic Kitchen Products That’ll Actually Make Your Life Easier

It’s like your kitchen went back to the future and got you a personal assistant.

Elena Garcia

What Do You Actually Do When You Role-Play In Bed?

Because you can only do student/teacher so many times.

Anna Borges

Anna Kendrick Had An Unexpected Take On All That «Bake Off» Drama

«I’m very sad, but it’s also great that it immediately turned Mel & Sue into folk heroes,» she said on The Graham Norton Show.

Scott Bryan

The First Word You See Is Your Favorite Thing About Your BFF

The first thing on a long list!

Matthew Perpetua

Show Us Your Best «Game Of Thrones» Halloween Costumes

Halloween Is Coming.

Jarry Lee

Emotions You Only Experience When You Have To Move A Carseat

*Gets anxiety just thinking about it*

Krista Torres

What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Witnessed At A Quinceañera?

It’s all fun and games until the dress catches fire.

Pablo Valdivia

If We Were Honest When Texting Our Moms

«I puked my brains out and only have Cheetos in my kitchen.»

Lara Parker

Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?

Dog hoodies, laser-etched pineapple journals, and yarn Yoshi figurines: How far can *you* get without buying something?

Jeff Barron

Only A True HGTV Fan Can Ace This Quiz

Is this layout more Property Brothers or Fixer Upper?

Andy Golder

What Is The Worst State In The Nation?

Not all states are created equal.

Logan Rhoades

21 Tweets About Pregnancy That Will Never Not Be Funny

«I buy the organic prenatal vitamins because I also buy the Betty Crocker frosting made out of organ failure and diabetes.»

Ali Velez

14 Of The Grossest «Would You Rather» Questions For People Who Hate Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice lasagna or pumpkin spice moonshine?

Daniela Cadena

11 Things You Should Stop Saying To People Who Can’t Ride A Bike

«Once you learn, you will never forget.»

Raphael Evangelista

This Concha Bath Bomb Is The Most Delicious Thing You’ll See Today

Bring the panaderia home with you.

Pablo Valdivia

Here Are 19 Different, Delicious Ways To Eat Challah

Aside from just tearing into the loaf and eating it straight-up.

Hannah Mars

16 Songs By Celebrities That Are Actually Bangers


Angelo Spagnolo

This Animal Outline Quiz Will Test Your Powers Of Perception

You’ll need the eye of the tiger.

Will Varner

Are You Weird Or Normal?

You might not get what you expect.

Joanna Borns

What’s A Food Hack That Blew Your Mind?

Less time cooking, more time eating.

Farrah Penn

Show Us The Best Pumpkin You’ve Ever Decorated

It’s not Halloween until you’ve plunged your hand into some pumpkin guts.

Alanna Okun

Here’s Why You’re Working Out And Not Seeing Results

And how to fix ’em!

Sally Tamarkin

17 Things To Do In San Francisco If You’re In A Rut

Tired of the same burritos and hikes? Here’s how to shake up your weekends.

Jessica Misener

23 Recipes For People Who Are Low-Key Obsessed With Hash Browns

Not just a breakfast food.

Emma Cooke

22 Things That Will Make Sense To Grisha Fans

You’re probably too busy with Crooked Kingdom to read this.

Chelsey Pippin

7 Self-Care Tips To Try Out This Week

Self-care is the best care.

Ailbhe Malone

These Labour MPs Are Refusing To Give Up Making The Case For Free Movement

Three Labour MPs told BuzzFeed News why freedom of movement was something worth fighting for, despite the divisions in the party the issue was exposing.

Marie Le Conte

7 Things You Should Really Do This Week To Celebrate Black History Month

What to read, play, and watch.

Tolani Shoneye

Just Some Really Excellent Ways To Kill Time This Week

What to eat, read, play, and watch.

Chelsey Pippin

Are You Really An Ice Cream Expert?

We all scream for ice cream!


I Looked Back At My Teenage Diary And It’s Mostly Naked Self Portraits

Please don’t read this, Mum.

Flo Perry

Fuck, Marry, Kill: The Delicious Foods Edition

Those chicken nuggets are looking mighty fine.

Hannah Jewell

«Pointless» Retesting For Chronically Ill Benefit Claimants To Be Scrapped

The government says it will no longer reassess benefit claimants who suffer from chronic illnesses.

Laura Silver

9 Ways To Make Your Rental House The Cosiest Place On Earth

Home sweet home.

Ailbhe Malone

Nutritional Yeast Isn’t Gross, It’s Amazing

That’s right, it’s called nutritional yeast and if you don’t like it I’ll fight you.

Hannah Jewell



Takumi Harimaya

The Death Of A Utopian Estate And The Changing Face Of London’s Housing Market

Robin Hood Gardens, a brutalist housing estate built in 1972, is to be knocked down to make way for higher-density modern housing.

Patrick Smith

夜の図書館で秘密の時間 全国に広がる「ぬいぐるみ」のお泊まり会って何?


Haruna Yamazaki

The Tory Party Is Bracing Itself For All-Out Brexit War

Theresa May will confront the Tory party’s most significant ideological crisis in decades at next week’s conference.

Alan White

Do You Know The Lyrics To «The Nightmare Before Christmas» Songs?

♫ This is Halloween, everybody scream! ♫

Caryn and Connie

15 Confessions From People Addicted To Sex

«I’m like a prisoner in my own body.»

Alex Choi

What Percent Busy Are You Really?

Are you too busy to take this quiz?

Abby Zinman

These Muslim Sisters Offered «Free Hugs» At A Trump Rally

«I think people here are good people. I think they have the right intention, but they are a little bit confused.»

Stephanie McNeal

Trump Supporters Couldn’t Care Less About His «Sex Tape» Comments


Stephanie McNeal

21 Imágenes que prueban que en México no nos andamos con mamadas

Somos un país de cuidado.




Scott Bryan



Tatsunori Tokushige

Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder: Clinton Campaign Asked For An Endorsement, I Said No

Ben Cohen, a Bernie Sanders supporter, said he is still deciding who he’s voting for. He is focusing his efforts on campaign finance reform.

Tarini Parti

Are These Toothpaste Alternatives From Lush As Fun As They Look?


Annie Jeong

Do You Actually Prefer Chocolate?

You can never be too sure.


World’s Deepest Underwater Cave Discovered In Czech Republic

It’s so deep, you could stack four Statues of Liberty and still not reach the surface.

Jason Wells

We Tried Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte Hacks, And Here’s What Tasted Best

Pumpkin spice up your life.

Chrissy Mahlmeister

What Happens When You Stop Having Sex

No sex for you!


Para chegar ao 2º turno, candidatos em SP tentam roubar o match dos outros

Nesta sexta, Doria, Marta e Russomanno fizeram agendas em regiões periféricas; Haddad colou em Lula. Eleitorado volátil, voto útil e até desconhecimento do número podem definir adversário de tucano.

Graciliano Rocha

How Crap Are Your Disney/Pixar Opinions?

Let’s settle this once and for all.

Freddie Apperley

Evan Rachel Wood And Thandie Newton Defend Sexual Violence In «Westworld»

“I don’t think there’s anything titillating about what we’re doing — it’s all horrific, as it should be,” Wood said of the controversial rape scenes in HBO’s new sci-fi drama about the dark side of virtual reality.

Nitasha Tiku