BuzzFeed Archive for October 1, 2013

"Никогда нельзя знать заранее, как впоследствии обернутся обстоятельства." Артур Конан Дойл ZM
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John Hodgman Retweets Dozens Of Health Nightmares

This morning, comedian John Hodgman tweeted that young people should sign up for Obama’s Affordable Care Act. He then received and retweeted dozens of intense personal stories about illness and health care.

This Is What The Government Shutdown Means For You

What a government shutdown means is «nonessential» government services are no longer being provided. Some agencies will be able to survive for a few weeks based on leftover money, but the longer this goes on, the less they’ll be able to do.

21 Hilarious Parenting Tweets

When your parenting skills (or lack thereof) get you down, read through these tweets and remember: You are not alone.

How The Government Shutdown Is Ruining Americans’ Vacations

“I’m extremely disappointed that instead of working together to pass a reasonable funding solution, Congress has placed this burden on hard-working Americans,» Rep. Tulsi Gabbard laments. Here in Hawaii, Volcano National Park is shut down.

Rebel Wilson Pays Tribute To Felines Everywhere

Somebody please tell me where I can get this sweatshirt now-ish? I’m severely allergic to cats and can’t be anywhere near them, but I still want to show my support to these mystical creatures.

Tell Us About Yourselfie: Chef Michael Symon

You know his food, you know his face from the TV — hello, Iron Chef and The Chew — and if you happen to be from Cleveland he’s probably one of your local heroes. Now find out which Hollywood icon is his «guy crush,» what TV show he’s currently mourning the loss of, and more in this Q&A!

Watch Jon Stewart’s Shutdown Tirade

«Did you see the Giants game on Sunday?» he said. «They lost 31-7. Do you know what the Giants didn’t say after that game? ‘If you don’t give us 25 more points by midnight on Monday, we will shut down the fucking NFL.'»

10 Of The Best Ads From 1995

It was a good year for advertising. Five print ads, five TV spots. This is the beginning of a look-back ad series.

Government Shutdown: How We Got Here

The government shutdown has been almost three years in the making. «I think this might be what finally brings us back from the brink of insanity,» said one GOP congressman.

16 Flatmate Horror Stories

I asked my Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and BuzzFeed colleagues to share their most painful communal living memories.

Watch Obama’s Shutdown Message To The Armed Forces

The commander-in-chief’s message to the troops as the government shuts down: «You and your families deserve better than the dysfunction we’re seeing in Congress.» The message was broadcast on Armed Forces Television at midnight Tuesday.