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"Есть только один способ избежать критики: ничего не делайте, ничего не говорите и будьте никем." Аристотель ZM
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Which Season Matches Your Personality Based On The Self-Care Kit You Put Together?

Treat yo self.

Harlie Epstein

15 Photos Of Extremely Sleepy And Snuggly Dogs That You Need To See Today

To be fair, it must be p. tiring to be a good boy all day!!

Rafael Capanema

Beyonce And Jay-Z Just Won Best Couples Halloween Costume By Honoring Two Olympic Icons

«Seeing Beyonce as Flo brought back so many memories of feeling invincible as a teen. Flo is black excellence.»

Patrice Peck

Trump Suggested Troops Will Shoot Migrants Who Throw Rocks At The Border

«When they throw rocks like they did at the Mexico military and police, I say consider it a rifle.»

Brianna Sacks

Those «Confidential» Folders Dutton Had On Labor MPs Didn’t Have Any Home Affairs Files In Them

Dutton claimed in parliament that the documents were «confidential», but the department said it didn’t provide anything for the files.

Josh Taylor

How Southern Are Your Eating Habits?

*puts peanuts in Coke*

Jon-Michael Poff

Eat At Red Robin And We’ll Reveal Which Arctic Animal You Are

Red Robin! YUMMM!


83 Halloween Costumes That’ll Make You Say «We’re So Damn Extra But I Love It!!!»

BBQ Becky, a barber shop poster, Sister Mary Clarence, and lots of Cardi, Rih, and Bey.

Patrice Peck

Pick Some Songs From Each Decade And We’ll Give You A New Artist To Listen To

Early 2000s had the best music.


A Boba Store Worker Just Shared What She Thinks Your Drink Says About You

How do you boba?

Alicia Barron

¿Deberías ver ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’?

Descubre con este quiz si la película que cuenta la historia de Queen es para ti, o no.

Luis Del Valle

This Alpaca Photobombing A Girl’s Selfies Is Everything You Need Going Into The Holidays

Llama need a minute after seeing this.

Joshua Moradel

Which Of These Books Written By The Same Author Would You Rather Read?

So many authors, so little time.


Iowa Jews Always Knew About Steve King. They’re Glad You Noticed Too.

“For us, he crossed the line way back when.”

Ellie Hall

9 Restaurant Cooking Tricks You Can Use In Your Own Kitchen

From the ~right~ way to cook with wine, to getting the smoothest sauce.

Jesse Szewczyk

Lula ficou «indignado» com escolha de Moro para ministro, diz Gleisi Hoffmann

«O algoz de Lula virou ministro da Justiça», diz a petista depois de encontro com o ex-presidente em Curitiba.

Tatiana Farah

34 Of The Best Things On Amazon You Can Buy With $5

A mix of cute and useful items to treat yourself to.

Emmy Favilla

Go On A Shopping Spree At UO And We’ll Tell You Which Fruit You Are

Are you more citris or tropical?


¿Qué comida tiene más proteínas?

¿El huevo o la crema de cacahuate?

Remee Patel

These Are The Best Bluetooth Headphones On The Market — Full Stop

The Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones are a best-in-class pair that are 100% worth the splurge.

Emmy Favilla

Show Us Your Worst Hair Fail

Do your WORST!!!!!!!!

Syd Robinson

Sal a pedir calaverita y te diremos qué personaje de ‘El mundo oculto de Sabrina’ es tu alma gemela

Porque ir a pedir dulces nunca dejará de ser divertido. NUNCA.

Luis Del Valle

Google Women Are Sharing Stories Of Harassment During A Massive Walkout

“I work on an Android app geared toward getting kids interested in STEM and I feel like I’m leading young boys and girls to the slaughter. Why would you want to go into tech if it’s like this?»

Caroline O’Donovan

Trump Said That A Change In Asylum Claims For Immigrants Is Coming — Eventually

The president spent most of his address on Thursday repeating the false claims he’s deployed at his political rallies in recent weeks.

Hamed Aleaziz

Opinion: We Have A Housing Crisis In Big Cities, And Democrats Need To Solve It

Young, diverse urban communities are worst hit by the housing crisis. Democrats must make it an issue of national urgency.

Buffy Wicks

Conheça Lachlan Watson, que interpreta Susie em «O Mundo Sombrio de Sabrina»

«Só de ter essa personagem e aumentar a representatividade [da comunidade queer nas telas] mostra como essa série está muito à frente», disse Lachlan Watson ao BuzzFeed.

Krystie Lee Yandoli

Here’s Why You Must Visit Jericó, Colombia, In Your Lifetime

It’s a three-hour bus ride from Medellín!

Arielle Calderon

Let’s Talk About This Cursed Image Of A Caffeinated Monster-Brand Ham

Back to regularly scheduled programming, everyone.

Jane Lytvynenko

1,600 Scientists Just Signed A Letter Opposing A Legal Definition Of A Gender Binary

The open letter says that any attempt to define gender based on a person’s anatomy at birth or their genes is not grounded in science.

Azeen Ghorayshi

「ごめんね!」って気持ちを伝えたい─ 大切なあなたへ


Kat Angus



Tatsunori Tokushige

The Lib Dems Are Set To Lose A Quarter Of Their Staff After Being Plunged Into A Funding Crisis

“It was not lost on us that they delivered this particular horror on Halloween,” said a Lib Dem source.

Alex Wickham

How Silicon Valley’s Scooter Craze Made Me Realize That I Don’t Know Anything

Are scooters a dangerous nuisance or an environmentally friendly form of transportation? Or both? Watch Follow This on Netflix.

Charlie Warzel

«Se o PT está reclamando, fiz a coisa certa», diz Bolsonaro sobre escolha de Moro

Presidente eleito também disse que pode manter o Ministério do Meio Ambiente, mas sem colocar na pasta “um xiita” ambiental.

Severino Motta

Former “Bad Girls Club” Star Shannade Clermont Pleaded Guilty To More Than $20,000 In Fraudulent Bank Charges

Prosecutors say Clermont racked up $20,000 in charges to the debit cards of a man who died after meeting her for sex in exchange for money.

Claudia Rosenbaum

11 Reasons Why People Who Vote Are Better At Sex

You know it’s true.

Stephen LaConte

Oprah Is Knocking On Doors For Stacey Abrams. Here’s How People Are Responding.

“Surprise, surprise,” Oprah said to one woman.

Remy Smidt

Allen Leech (AKA Tom Branson) Of “Downton Abbey” Opened Up About The Upcoming Movie

The untitled Downton Abbey movie will be released in 2019.

Krystie Lee Yandoli

Como a experiência dessa anfitriã do Airbnb se transformou em um pesadelo

O caso envolveu várias mensagens de assédio e, no fim, houve intervenção da polícia.

Lauren Strapagiel

Rosie From «Mamma Mia!» And Molly Weasley Are Played By The Same Person And I Am SHOCKED

Oh my god???

Nikki Francois

23 Secrets Ellen DeGeneres Has Actually Got Celebrities To Confess

Ellen gets all the tea.

Ellie Woodward

Steve King Was Asked If He’s A White Supremacist. His Answer Was “Stop It.”

The House Republican from Iowa is suddenly facing national scrutiny for a legacy of racist comments.

Blake Montgomery

You Deserve Nice Things, So Here Are 29 That You’ll Love

Items that will basically make you a member of The Finer Things Club.

Abby Kass

All Of Our «The Haunting Of Hill House» Questions Answered By Carla Gugino

«The horror genre is a beautiful kind of way to allow us to talk about a lot of very real things in a heightened way.»

Nora Dominick

Here’s How A Bunch Of Celebrities Dressed Up For Halloween

Rita Ora as Post Malone? NAILED IT!

Essence Gant

Moro terá poder como nenhum outro ministro da Justiça desde a redemocratização

Moro vai mandar em muita coisa: Polícia Federal, suspeitas de desvios dentro do próprio governo, cooperação internacional penal, índios, direitos do consumidor, livre concorrência, policiamento de estradas e até classificação de filmes.

Severino Motta

Qual celebridade ficaria a fim de você se te conhecesse?

Sonhar não é proibido!

Rafael Capanema

“Welcome To The White Man’s World,” A Cop Allegedly Told A Latino Teen During A Violent Arrest

According to a recently unsealed federal indictment, two Massachusetts police officers, who pleaded not guilty Wednesday, are accused of using excessive force and other charges.

Talal Ansari

Which Gruesome Death From «Final Destination» Would You Have?

And boy, are they gruesome.

Guillermo del Palacio

Como foi fazer um detox das redes sociais durante o período eleitoral

Esse tempo longe da histeria, que dominava as pessoas ao meu redor, me ensinou que às vezes precisamos encontrar a derrota para saber quem somos.

Aline Ramos

There Are Five Starbucks Holiday Cup Designs This Year, And They’re So Festive

Including four paper designs and one reusable red cup!

Jon-Michael Poff

No eres el único que cree que los disfraces de ‘La casa de papel’ estaban por todos lados este año

Halloween 2018, el año de Berlín.

Bibiñe Barud

Que Pabllo Vittar é você?

Independente do resultado, você já está de parabéns!

Juliana Kataoka

The Brady Bunch Cast Is Going To Do A ’70s Remodel On The Show House Lance Bass Wanted So Much

HGTV is pairing the cast of The Brady Bunch with its hosts to renovate the house from the show. NSYNC’s Lance Bass had been gutted when he was outbid by the network.

Marcus Jones

Jessica Simpson As Danny DeVito Is The Final Costume We Should All Talk About This Halloween

It is *kisses fingers like an Italian chef*.

Lauren Yapalater

Te vendo mi cuenta de memes en Instagram por 1 millón de dólares

La Neta Noticias compró la cuenta de Instagram @elmunditoparalelo. En la dictadura del clic, los memes y las noticias chuscas son herramientas perfectas para sumar toneladas de tráfico.

José Soto Galindo

17 Tumblr Posts That’ll Make You Feel Better, But Like, In A Really Weird Way

«It’s called a garbage can, not a garbage cannot.»

Kat Angus

This Artist Reimagines Disney Characters As Amazing Oil Paintings And They Belong In An Art Exhibit

BRB, opening a museum.

Allie Hayes

Este bolo de banana é recheado com cheesecake

Uma combinação deliciosa

Alix Traeger

Buy 5 Things At Fanatics And We’ll Correctly Guess Your Favorite Sport

Do you prefer soccer or baseball?


Alguien organizó una marcha para protestar por la cancelación del NAICM y el Internet explotó en burlas

La gente está usando el #ConsignasParaLaMarchaFifí para explicar cómo se viviría una protesta organizada por la clase alta.


“It’s Like … Trump Or Hillary»: Latinx Progressives Are Going All-In For An Arizona Democrat Despite Her Record On Immigration

Immigration activists in Arizona may not agree with Kyrsten Sinema’s position on immigration, but they’re going to bat for her anyway.

Ema O’Connor

21 Halloween Celebrity Couple Costumes That Will Make You Say, «Why Didn’t I Think Of That?»

From bae to boo!

Morgan Murrell

Buy Some Jewelry At Kendra Scott And We’ll Correctly Guess Your Fave Season

We just know you love fall.


Fewer People Are Buying Homes. Here’s Why That’s A Bad Sign.

Fewer people bought homes this year. The obvious culprit: worsening affordability.

Venessa Wong

Así es como 28 famosos la rompieron con sus disfraces de Halloween 2018

Jamás vas a adivinar quién es el payaso diabólico…

Lourdes Rios

Here’s Exactly When NYC’s Nutella Cafe Is Opening And What They’re Serving

Every Nutella lover needs to read this.

Michelle No

28 Products You’ll Want To Add To Your Nightly Skincare Routine

«Wow, cannot WAIT to wash my face tonight!» —you, after changing your nightly skincare routine.

AnaMaria Glavan

Remember The Special Counsel’s Russia Investigation? Here’s What Is Happening.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office has kept things pretty quiet in the run-up to the midterm elections. That’s likely to change after Tuesday.

Chris Geidner

The Only Thing Getting Us Through This Election Cycle Is This Beautiful Exotic Duck That Appeared In NYC

Big duck energy.

Stephanie McNeal

17 tendências que toda POC dos anos 2000 quis seguir mas a mãe não deixou

Um trauma insuperável.

Victor Nascimento

We Know Which «Friends» Character You’re Most Like Based On The Thanksgiving Foods You Choose

This ain’t gonna be easy…


People Are Sharing «Oct. 31 Vs. Nov. 1» Memes And They’re Too Good


Jon-Michael Poff

The 2018 Elections Will Decide If Millions Of People Will Gain Health Insurance Through Medicaid

Two competing forces are going to war during these midterms, and Medicaid could grow or be transformed dramatically depending on who wins.

Paul McLeod

What Celebrities Wore To Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume Party Extravaganza

This year, attendees went all out.

Whitney Jefferson

This Book Of Extraordinary Deaths Is So Darkly Charming

Have you heard the one about the undertaker who died under a pile of his own coffins?

Arianna Rebolini

No One Knows What This New Emoji Is Supposed To Emote And Everyone’s Hilariously Trying To Guess

It’s been explained as anything from “when you use a Q-tip” to the “good dick emoji.”

Tanya Chen

14 Errores que estás cometiendo con tus cejas (y cómo solucionarlos)

Creer que pintarlas de negro las hace ver naturales, por ejemplo.

Lourdes Rios

¿Puedes identificar estas 12 constelaciones?

Pásale este quiz a tu astrólogo de cabecera.

Raphael Evangelista

¿Qué tan empático eres?

¿Piensas y sientes por los demás?

Kelly Oakes

Responde este quiz de sexo para que te demos un cumplido sexy

¿Qué te hace tan especial? ¿Tu lengua, tus nalgas o… algo más?

Susana Cristalli

Escoge sabores de helado rarísimos y adivinaremos si estás soltero o en una relación

¿Comerías helado de Cheetos picositos?


66 Tatuajes tan pequeños y bonitos que hasta tu abuelita querría hacerse uno

Te lo advertimos, necesitará sus lentes para verlos bien.

Syd Robinson

16 Historias asquerosas de gente que trabajó en un restaurante

«De verdad no existen palabras para describir lo horrible que se veía».

Jesse Szewczyk

Diseña el cuarto de tus sueños para que te digamos lo que la gente ama de ti

Todo está en los detallitos.

Michelle No

¿Te vas a casar con un amigo?

Tal vez ya conoces a «esa persona».

Joanna Borns

Podemos adivinar tu edad MENTAL con este quiz

¿30 entrados en 17 o todo lo contrario?

Javier Moreno

Prepara un buffet mágico para tus amigos y te diremos qué princesa de Disney eres

¡Sé nuestro huésped!

Sarah Aspler

18 Cosas que tienen y Japón y moriríamos por tener en el resto del mundo

Japón, lisa y llanamente, es un país increíble.

Scott Bryan

Este quiz te dirá cuánto presupuesto necesitas para sobrevivir un fin de semana en Monterrey

Tipo, ya sé que aquí todo está caro pero también se puede ahorrar.

Carlos Muñoz

16 Prendas con animal print que te harán sacar tu lado salvaje

La mejor grrrrrruía de compras.

Luis Del Valle

Tengo una teoría sobre el logo de OXXO e involucra un hot dog y mayonesa

Esta es una investigación especial de BuzzFeed.

Gustavo Serrano

¿Qué tipo de bruja eres?

¿Eres de «las buenas» o de las incomprendidas?

Juliana Kataoka

22 Detalles de ‘La maldición de Hill House’ que seguro no viste la primera vez

Estabas demasiado asustado/a para poder notarlos.

Casey Rackham

19 Ideas sencillas e inteligentes para ayudar un poquito al planeta

Son trucos facilísimos, pero que hacen un gran cambio.

Lourdes Rios

27 Cosas que pasan cuando das a luz que te harán decir: «¿KHÉÉÉÉ?»

Por ejemplo, preocuparte por la posibilidad de abrirte desde la vagina hasta el trasero.

Crystal Ro

Their Performance At Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Wedding Gave People Goosebumps. Here’s What The Kingdom Choir Did Next

«We want people to be touched with the message of gospel, the positive things of love, joy and hope, redemption, reconciliation and forgiveness.»

Ade Onibada

«Se Moro tivesse aspiração política, poderia ter se tornado presidente», disse Dallagnol

Lava Jato dissecou esquema que saqueou a Petrobras na era PT e obteve série de condenações de políticos e empreiteiros, mas entrada de Moro na política tornam incertos o futuro e a credibilidade da maior operação anticorrupção do país.

Tatiana Farah

Current And Former Chicago Police Officers Are Spewing Racist Hate On A Facebook Page

Posts on the page, which features scores of current and former Chicago police officers, have gone far beyond boosterism. Some posts encourage police to abuse suspects.

Melissa Segura

Eat A Food In Every Color And We’ll Give You A Dog To Adopt

If you love doggos and food, then this is the quiz for you!


Que personagem dos filmes de terror é você?

«A chamada veio de dentro da sua casa».

Susana Cristalli

We Asked Experts Whether Eating Cookie Dough Was Safe Or Not

We asked the FDA, a germ expert, and a pastry chef.

Michelle No

You Have To See This Amazing Halloween Transformation That Proves Heidi Klum Is Queen

There is no Heidi Klum, only princess Fiona.

Jame Jackson

This Former Minor League Baseball Player Thinks He Can Beat Congress’s Most Notorious Racist

“What we used to hear was, ‘Oh, that’s just Steve being Steve,’ like that weird uncle,” J.D. Scholten said this week. “You don’t hear that anymore. You hear enough’s enough.”

Lissandra Villa

Newark Is Warning Its Residents About Lead In Its Drinking Water

The city is distributing filters to residents and offering free lead tests.

Nidhi Subbaraman

19 Tiny Products That’ll Make A Huge Difference

Gimme all the smol.

Colin Gorenstein

25 Cosas que necesitas saber antes de viajar en avión por primera vez

Hacer tu check-in lo más pronto posible es muy importante, pues ahí es donde escogerás tu asiento.

Mireya González

Pon un altar de muertos y te diremos la fecha exacta de tu muerte

No nos equivocamos, pero, ¿seguro que quieres saber?

Mireya González

We Finally Know How Rami Malek Feels About That Awkward Video Of Him With A Fan

Don’t worry, everyone — Rami thinks the memes are funny.

Ellie Bate

Dead And Dying At Heidi Klum And Her Boyfriend Partying Hard As Shrek And Fiona

I am still processing these photos.

Lauren Yapalater

Aqui estão as provas de que o Brasil ainda pode ser maravilhoso

Apesar de tudo.

Rafael Capanema

Ella es la feminista que no parará hasta que la violencia digital contra las mujeres se reconozca como delito

Después de que subieron sus nudes a redes sociales, Olimpia ahora lucha para que el Senado reconozca el ciberacoso, la sextorsión, la difamación y las amenazas de internet como un problema real y urgente.

Melissa Amezcua

Fans And Musicians Remembered Mac Miller At A Tribute Concert For The Late Rapper

Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, and John Mayer performed.

Krystie Lee Yandoli

Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Song «Party For One» Just Came Out. People Are Thrilled.

She’s back, baby!

Remy Smidt

23 Pop Culture Moments From November 2008 That’ll Make You Say “OMG, Can’t Believe All That Happened 10 Years Ago”

It was a decade ago that we were all invested in the Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas «drama» and that Twilight was first released.

Brian Galindo

We’ll Tell You Which Celebrity You’ll Marry Based On What You Buy At Target

He’s gonna be hot regardless.


Mel B Went As Victoria Beckham For Halloween And Let’s Just Call Her Shady Spice

«No I am not going on tour…»

Jen Abidor

Es ist 2018 und dieser Mann im Rollstuhl wurde gefragt, ob er als “Freak” auftreten will

„Wir haben uns vorgestellt, dass Sie als sogenannter ‘Freak’ (…) moderieren könnten.“

Karsten Schmehl

How Well Do You Remember «Coco» Though?

How well do you remember all of the characters??

Mireya González

Propagandas em apps para crianças manipulam e distraem, conclui novo estudo

Segundo a líder da pesquisa, a pediatra Jenny Radesky, da Universidade de Michigan (EUA), crianças não têm a habilidade de pensamento crítico para entender a «intenção persuasiva» de uma propaganda — ou seja, que os aplicativos querem que você assista aos anúncios porque se beneficiam financeiramente.

Virginia Hughes

Este é o teste definitivo para saber se sua casa é ou não mal-assombrada

Antes de clicar, tem CERTEZA que quer saber?

Mireya González

25 Affordable Luxuries To Treat Yourself To Right Now

Leopard print flats, prosecco bath bombs, satin pillowcases, and other under-$35 goodies that’ll upgrade your life.

Yi Yang

As fotos vencedoras do Prêmio Esso que fizeram, e até mudaram, a história do Brasil

É como se fosse um álbum que descreve em imagens os últimos 60 anos do país.

Susana Cristalli

Order Some Fall Comfort Foods And We’ll Tell You What To Watch On Netflix In November

It’s time for some cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate, and Netflix.

Casey Rackham

Retórica de Trump nos incentivou, dizem condenados por planejar atentado contra muçulmanos

«O tribunal não pode ignorar as circunstâncias de uma das eleições presidenciais mais controversas, violentas, odiosas e contenciosas da história moderna, conduzida em grande parte pelo discurso inconsequente do homem que hoje é o nosso presidente», disse um dos advogados dos réus.

Stephanie K. Baer

Which US City Do You Belong In, Based On Your Favorite Fall Foods

Follow the food to your happy place.

Hannah Loewentheil

If You’ve Ever Wanted To Be On «Let’s Make A Deal», Here’s What It’s Actually Like

There’s a LOT of dancing.

Krista Torres

Juiz Sergio Moro deixa a Lava Jato para virar ministro de Bolsonaro

Juiz terá superministério com fusão das pastas da Justiça e Segurança. Moro, responsável pela condenação que tirou Lula da eleição (confirmada em 2ª instância), diz que ida para novo governo visa «afastar riscos de retrocessos por um bem maior.»

Severino Motta

Uber Is Offering Cheap Gas And Free College Tuition To Its Best Drivers

The ride-hail company will cover 100% of tuition for online courses at Arizona State University for its top drivers and their immediate family members.

Caroline O’Donovan

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out Over That New Study Linking Cancer To Cellphones

Male rats zapped with high radiation actually lived longer, on average, than their undosed counterparts, because they suffered lower rates of kidney disease.

Dan Vergano

10 Life-Changing Things To Try In November

Because we tried them for you in October!

Mallory McInnis

17 coisas que você só vai entender se tiver o polegar achatadinho

Os polegares do tamanho perfeito para bebês agarrarem!!!

Syd Robinson

30 Delicious Recipes To Make In November (That Aren’t Turkey)

Pregame Thanksgiving with these recipes.

Jesse Szewczyk

Faça esse teste de comidas e te indicaremos um dorama pra assistir

O k-pop era só o começo!

Juliana Kataoka

«Hims» Is Now Launching «Hers» For Discreet Solutions To Things People Normally Don’t Talk About

Birth control, sexual wellness, acne medicine, and hair loss prevention all without having to step foot inside a doctor’s office.

Kevin Smith

Como «Bohemian Rhapsody» vende uma visão moralista e higienista de Freddie Mercury

Ao tentar contar a história queer de Mercury pelos olhos de seus colegas de banda héteros, a nova cinebiografia do Queen acaba tendo pouco a dizer.

Pier Dominguez

Cornell Should Reveal What It Found Out About Disgraced Food Scientist Brian Wansink, Dozens Of Scientists Say

“The practice of science requires the highest levels of transparency,” researchers said in an open letter to Cornell.

Stephanie M. Lee

11 Products Every Lazy Person Needs In Their Life

Convenient solutions so you can fully embrace that sloth life.

Sahil Rizwan

These Celebs All Dressed As Other Celebs For Halloween, And They Totally Slayed It

Keeping it in the famous family.

Ellie Bate

Brexit Campaigner Arron Banks Has Been Referred To The National Crime Agency For «Suspected Criminal Offences»

Banks and his Leave.EU group are now under criminal investigation.

Mark Di Stefano

Justin Timberlake Apparently Wrote About Britney Spears In His New Book And People Have A Lot Of Thoughts

«Justin Timberlake is still talking about Britney in 2018??? Get a life, man.»

Ben Henry


新曲『Want you!Want you!』をリリースしたメンバーたちにインタビュー

Tatsunori Tokushige

19 Of The Best Vibrators You Can Get On Amazon

I vibe. You vibe. We all vibe.

Rachel Dunkel

Morning Update: Bieber, Beto, And Bexistential Dread

Midterm races intensify, ISIS is not dead yet, hip-hop’s resistance to #MeToo.

Elamin Abdelmahmoud

Google Employees Around The World Are Walking Out To Protest Sexual Misconduct

Google employees around the world coordinated a walkout to protest the company’s handling of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Matthew Champion

19 Costumes That Prove That The U.K Does Halloween Better

There are some real throwbacks here.

Cassie Smyth

Here’s How To Score 50% Off A Movie Ticket Through The End Of 2018

Holiday miracles do exist.

Samantha Wieder

Ali Is Getting Very Thirsty On «The Bachelorette» And Twitter Is Rooting For Her

Jesus, take the wheel.

Jenna Clarke

Kylie Jenner Just Posted Pregnant Pictures Of Herself From Last Halloween And It’s SO CUTE

Cooking up a Stormi.

Ben Henry

What Type Of Tea Are You?

We brits drink more tea that any other country in the world — But what tea are you? This will determine that cuppa you are waiting for!

IAB Goodful

What House Plant Are You?

I bet you can’t get a cactus!

IAB Nifty

What European City Are You Supposed To Belong To?

Tell us what you like, we’ll tell you where you belong

IAB Bring Me

TikTok Creators Say They Are Being Bullied And The Company Isn’t Helping

Features on the app and abuse from others are apparently causing waves of harassment and bullying for TikTok creators.

Rachael Krishna

Which Inspirational Women Are You Really…?!

Diva or Mother Teresa?


Which Colour Smartie Are You?

Work out your personality type by the colour of your Smartie.

IAB Tasty

26 Cheap Things That Will Make Your Home Prettier With Zero Effort

Gorgeous home decor for under $50!

Rebecca O’Connell



Catherine JiHye Go



Misato Nagoya

昨年ソッコー完売したスキンフード の「クランベリースクラブ」が今だけ復活してる


Catherine JiHye Go

Which Fruit Are You?

This is EXTREMELY important.

Natalya Lobanova

「つらくて不安で、わらにもすがる思いでした」 キャベツ湿布、日本助産師会は「統一見解は示していない」と回答


Naoko Iwanaga

これからは義務教育で教えてくれ 「この画像はあくまでイメージです」って言えば何でも許されるって


Sophie Gadd

ホームレスの男性が行政重役に射殺された映像が公開 これは本当に正当防衛だったのか


Ellie Hall



Ryan Broderick

¿Qué villano emblemático de película de terror es tu alma gemela?

*La banda sonora de Halloween retumba románticamente en la distancia.*

Allie Hayes

¿Podemos adivinar con precisión cuál es tu tipo romántico?

¡Puede que te sorprenda descubrir algo que ya sabías!

Matthew Perpetua



Tsunehiko Nishimaki

15 Of The Greatest Hits From Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Royal Tour

Totally normal behaviour.

Jenna Clarke

Here Are All Of The Many, Many Kardashian-Jenner Halloween Costumes Of 2018

Honestly, all their costume changes would make you think Halloween ran for 30 days.

Michelle Rennex

This Cafe Is Getting Heaps Of Negative Reviews After A High School Exam Question Used A Similarly Named Cafe As An Example

«I’m serious you are responsible for my atar»

Hannah Ryan

All Women Need To Know About This New Law That Could Impact Reproductive Rights

Including why a bloke who fought for safe-access zones outside abortion clinics is getting involved.

Gina Rushton

White Ribbon Has «Affirmed» Its Position On Reproductive Rights

The acting chair said the organisation very much regrets any «confusion or distress» caused by the withdrawal of the statement.

Gina Rushton

Malcolm Turnbull Has Clapped Back At Scott Morrison Over The Ex-PM’s Bali Trip

It’s not a lashing out or a rebuke, according to the former prime minister.

Josh Taylor

The Little Girl Obsessed With Michelle Obama’s Portrait Dressed As Her For Halloween

Parker Curry won Halloween — and all our hearts.

David Mack

Australia Is Removing Kids Off Nauru While Fighting Court Cases To Keep Them On Nauru

The government says it has been bringing kids from Nauru to Australia for a while, yet it is still fighting court cases to stop this happening.

Josh Taylor

19 Coats And Jackets You Can Get At Walmart That You’ll Actually Want To Wear

From puffers to parkas to motos to denim jackets — here’s what you need to get ready for winter.

Brittaney Trent

26 Products Your Dad Will Totally Be Jealous Of

Basically, you buy these, show up with them at next family get-together, say «How you doing, sport?» to your dad, then cherish his envy.

Devric Kiyota



Yasumi Morito

This Racist Member Of Congress Has Been Pushing Trump’s Plan To Revoke Birthright Citizenship All Along

Republican congressman Steve King — who has a history of making racist comments — has introduced a bill to end birthright citizenship in each Congress since 2011.

Tasneem Nashrulla

The University Of Maryland Fired Its Football Coach A Day After Reinstating Him Following A Player’s Death

Jordan McNair, 19, died in June after collapsing on the field during a team practice.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos

Eat A Bunch Of Chocolate And We’ll Guess How Heavy Your Flow Is

Bloody hell.

Sarah Aspler

One Of The Travel Instagrammers Who Fell To Her Death At Yosemite Was Captured In This Woman’s Selfie

The woman told BuzzFeed News it struck her as odd that Minaxi Vishu Moorthy did not have a backpack or hiking shoes on.

Claudia Rosenbaum

This Adorable 91-Year-Old Went Trick-Or-Treating For The First Time In Her Life

It’s never too late.

Alicia Barron

This NBA Player’s Hands Are MASSIVE And People Are Shocked By It

«52% wider than the average man’s hand.»

Christopher Hudspeth

Pick Some Foods And We’ll Guess If You’re Messy Or Clean

Are you a neat freak or not so much?

Joanna Borns

A «King Lear» Actor Says He Saw Geoffrey Rush Touch Eryn Jean Norvill’s Breast

«I saw Geoffrey’s hand cupping around the body of EJ’s breast, which was something I hadn’t seen before on stage,» said actor Mark Winter.

Lane Sainty

10 Cosas que se podrían pagar con lo que se ha gastado hasta ahora en el NAIM

20 veces lo que la Semarnat pagó en el protección forestal el año pasado o mil 700 millones de vasitos de esquites.

Maurizio Montes de Oca