BuzzFeed Archive for November 1, 2017

"Бесконечны лишь Вселенная и глупость человеческая, при этом относительно бесконечности первой из них у меня имеются сомнения." А. Эйнштейн ZM
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John Kelly Is No Longer Untouchable

“Everyone needs to accept that he is who he is — he is going to be used as a weapon, so don’t be distracted by what he used to have on his lapel.”

Senator Grills Facebook Exec Over Russia Ads

Minnesota Senator Al Franken cross examines a Facebook lawyer over Russian political ads that appeared on the social media platform to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Flash Briefing For November 1, 2017

At least 8 people were killed in a truck terror attack in Manhattan, social media platforms say their companies are still susceptible to election attacks, Chief of Staff John Kelly called a Confederate general “an honorable man,” and beauty pageant contestants in Peru gave out facts about women’s rights as their measurements.