BuzzFeed Archive for November 1, 2012

"Жизнь - это то, что с тобой происходит, пока ты строишь планы." Джон Леннон ZM
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«Hot Guy Alarm Clock» Creators Want More Games By Women, For Women

Nix Hydra Games is an entertainment software company focused on women gamers that’s run by Lina Chen and Naomi Ladizinsky. «If I see one more misguided app designed by a bunch of old dudes with a focus test spreadsheet detailing what girls like, I’m going to throw my drink.»

Then And Meow

Though time may ravage our bodies and line our faces o’er with worry, our tiny, novelty-sized couches will always stay tiny, and novelty-sized.

Climate Change Heckler Interrupts Romney Rally

Outside Richmond, a protester began shouting, «What about climate? That’s what caused this monster storm!» The heckler, holding a sign that said «END CLIMATE SILENCE,» was escorted out — as the crowd booed.

Ann Romney: «Help Is On The Way»

In a powerful moment at an Ohio rally Thursday, Ann Romney told supports she constantly hears the voices of those who need help «echoing in my head and in my heart,» she said. «The only thing I can tell them is that help is on the way.»

Five Objective Reasons Mike Trout Should Have Won The Gold Glove

Baltimore’s Adam Jones won the AL Gold Glove over Anaheim’s Mike Trout, starting «snub season» off with a bang. Although defense can be harder to measure with concrete statistics, several metrics have been developed to try to quantify how much a player’s fielding contributes to his team. Here are five inarguable reasons Mike Trout deserved the award.

Cat Opens Door For Puppies

Questions about this video: (1) Why does the homeowner not open the door for the cute animals? They clearly want to come in. (2) Why does this cat have so many puppies?

Cleopatra Apparently Supermodels’ Go-To Halloween Costume

Gisele and Heidi Klum had grand Cleopatra Halloween plans (the latter of whose was thwarted by Sandy). Though this would have been much more awkward had Heidi Klum’s annual epic party gone forth, it’s still medium-level awkward.

25 Best Suggestions For Novel Openers

November is National Novel Writing Month («NaNoWriMo»), a challenge to write a novel in 30 days. Twitter has suggested a few ideas for a first sentence. For the record, I’d read all of these.

Mario And Luigi Caught A Bulls Game In Chicago

And is that supposed to be the dog from Duck Hunt? There aren’t any other dog-like characters in Mario, are there? If it is, I bet Duck Hunt Dog is way easier to deal with once he gets a few beers in him.

Happy Day Of The Dead!

Learn how to shave a corpse without a razor. It’s easy, and it only costs 15¢! It’s a Halloween post-mortem.

Why The Unsolicited Anti-Obama Texts Were Legal

The firm likely behind the texts, ccAdvertising, makes a practice of sending emails in the form of text messages to cell phones. The «question is open in front of the Commission,» says the FCC.