BuzzFeed Archive for November 1, 2010

"Выживает не самый сильный, а самый восприимчивый к переменам." Чарльз Дарвин ZM
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Maru’s Halloween

This Halloween, Maru discovered a pumpkin and dressed up as a nerdy pumpkinhead named Dr. Pumpkin. He also got into the sink and, later, a small box. This has been your breaking Maru news update for the day.

Jack Shepherd

Tea Party Queen

Deviant Art user Audwee’s twist on the famous Titanic scene, with Sarah Palin holding up Tea Partier Christine O’Donnell. Here’s to hoping they’ll go down together.


Red Shirt Guy Added To World Of Warcraft

Azeroth has two new denizens: Falsted Wildhammer and his red-garbed friend, the Wildhammer Fact Checker. Blizzard added them into the new World of Warcraft expansion after a certain red shirted guy noted Falsted’s absence.

Tanner Greenring

Putting The Rally To Restore Sanity And/ Or Fear Into Perspective

Take a look at the rally’s turnout infographic style…215,000, Stewart/ Colbert Vs. 87,000, Glenn Beck. Now these are some numbers you can believe in.