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"Единственное счастье в жизни — это постоянное стремление вперед." Эмиль Золя ZM
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Long Form Post

“This evening she’ll be given notice,” said Mr. Samsa, but he got no answer from either his wife or from his daughter, because the cleaning woman seemed to have once again upset the tranquillity they had just attained.

37 lições de vida que “Friends” nos ensinou

Para nós, geração dos anos 90, o seriado Friends nos ensinou muito sobre a vida. Nem sabemos como sobreviveríamos sem seus personagens, mas felizmente eles foram imortalizados em gifs.

Ford’s Fields

After years of grooming, Mark Fields, 53, officially was handed the keys to the CEO suite at Ford Motor Thursday. He takes over for Alan Mulally, who has led Ford for the last eight years, taking the automaker from a government bailout to an expected profit of upwards of $7 billion this year.