BuzzFeed Archive for May 1, 2009

"Не относитесь к жизни слишком серьезно. Живым вам из нее все равно не выбраться." О. Уайлд ZM
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SeppuKuties (Game Battle)

Help the adorable animals get to the acorns! Unfortunately, not everyone’s going to survive.

Jack Shepherd

Headline of the Day

Sounds painful.

Jack Shepherd

Nintendo Controller Mouse

I may urgently need one of these.

Jack Shepherd

Girl, 8, Divorces Husband, 50

The latest viral buzz from

Metro UK

Sarah Palin on «American Chopper»

Thursday’s episode of «American Chopper» on TLC features an interview with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), who is leaning against a bear skin in her office.

Peggy Wang